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YoJoe ID: 118-HVH-2001-HEADQUAR-04

Series: Seventeen (2001)
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The G.I.Joe Headquarters was released boxed in North American toy stores in 2001 as a Toys R Us exclusive. The box included an action figure, Rock & Roll (v6). The G.I.Joe Headquarters was re-released in 2002.

The mold was originally used to create the 1992 G.I.Joe Headquarters.

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Driver/Pilot: ROCK 'N ROLL / FLINT (v6)

Rock 'n Roll (v6) was released as part of the seventeenth series (2001), packaged exclusively with the Toys R Us exclusive G.I.Joe Headquarters.

In 2002, Hasbro continued to make the figure available with the G.I.Joe Headquarters repackaged for the "G.I. Joe vs Cobra" line. The figure's name was changed to Flint (v6). Erroneously, the filecard enclosed remained Rock 'n Roll's.

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The G.I.Joe Headquarters was re-released in 2002, still as a Toys R Us exclusive, with the new "G.I.Joe vs. Cobra" packaging. The box included the same action figure except it was renamed Flint (v6).

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