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G.I.Joe ('82-'94,'97,'98,'00-Present):

The first and original 3 & 3/4" figures. The line lasted until 1994 when it was cancelled and then special Toys R Us Exclusives came out in 1997 & 1998. The 3 & 3/4" line came back in 2000 and by 2002 the line saw new characters and sculpts of old characters. 2007 began the 25th Anniversary and a new era.
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12 Inch ('91-'97,'02-'04, '08 - Present):

In 1991 Hasbro brought the 12" line back to stores. They were large sizes of the 3 & 3/4" characters. There were a few convention exclusives on the off years after the line was cancelled in 1994. The 12" line was brough back in 2002 when G.I.Joe was brought back in full force.
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Sideshow 12 Inch ('09 - Present):

In 2009 Sideshow Collectibles began releasing teir own 12" figures under license from Hasbro. Sideshow also created in-scale Figure Environments to display with the figures.

Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles ('95):

This was the G.I.Joe line that followed the 3 & 3/4" line in 1995. The figures were 4 &1/2" tall in size and had ball joints for the legs instead of the o-ring. The story had a direct relation to the previous G.I.Joe line as shown in the Sgt. Savage cartoon that was released with one of the figures.
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GI Joe Extreme ('96):

This line followed the Sgt. Savage toys in 1996 and the story was set in the year 2010. It lasted for two years and the figures were about 5" tall and had very limited articulation. This line had a direct relation to the previous because Hasbro kept the Sgt. Savage character for Extreme.
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Built To Rule ('03-'04):

This was a very different line of G.I.Joes. The vehicles were created with lego type building blocks and the figures were full 3 & 3/4" in size. The figure sculpts were modified from their originally created figure from the main line in the fact that each figure had places to attach building blocks on both arms and legs. This line was in addition to the ongoing G.I.Joe SpyTroops story in 2003.
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Sigma Scale ('05-'07):

In 2005, G.I.Joe made the jump to the larger (approximately 8 inch) scale, replacing both 3 3/4 inch and 12 inch figures in retail stores. With the change, a new cartoon was released as well as a new comic book.
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