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Battle Corps 1994 Figures

The thirteenth year ended up being the last hurrah for G.I.Joe commercials until 2002, eight years later.

This commercial introduces the 1994 class of Battle Corps action figures. It also uses the new 1994 slogan for G.I.Joe toys "Go for the Joe!".

Battle Corps '94

An edited, 15 second version of the above commercial.

Battle Corps '94, version 2

Another shortened version of the first commercial, removing the live action actors completely.

Scorpion, Manta Ray, Razor Blade

This commercial introduced the vehicles of the Cobra Scorpion, the G.I.Joe Manta Ray, and the G.I.Joe Razor Blade.

Blockbuster with Windchill

This commercial introduced the G.I.Joe Blockbuster tank with its driver, Windchill.

Shadow Ninjas

This commercial introduced the Shadow Ninjas and their color-changing abilities. Commercial courtesy of x-entertainment.com.

Shadow Ninjas, version 2

A shorter version of the above Shadow Ninjas commercial.

Hall of Fame: Snake Eyes, Major Bludd, Strike Cycle

This commercial introduced the 12" 1994 versions of Snake Eyes and Major Bludd, along with the Hall of Fame Strike Cycle. Noteworthy about this commercial is that it featured original animation - the first commercial to have that since 1990.

Hall of Fame: G.I. Joe

Featured in this advertisement was the mail-away promotion for the 12" G.I. Joe.

Hall of Fame: Combat Camo Duke and Roadblock

Featuring extensive animation, this commercial spotlighted the Combat Camo Hall of Fame figures Duke and Roadblock.




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