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Search and Destroy (the Ultimate Weapon)

The 1993 series commercials were heavily tied in with trading cards that were included free with specially marked G.I.Joe figures (and a handful of G.I.Joe comic books). The theme was "Search and Destroy (The Ultimate Weapon) - that Cobra was building the Ultimate Weapon and G.I.Joe had to stop them.

This fifteen second commercial briefly introduces some of the live-action scenes that were shot for the ad campaign, along with brief snippets of G.I.Joe toys.

Search and Destroy, version 2

An odd commercial, this minute-long ad splices footage of live-action scenes, yet includes a tag for Marvel Comics' G.I. Joe at the end, specifically showing issue 135. This is the first commercial to advertise the comic since 1988.

  • Comic Book Summary

  • Mega Marines, Mega Monsters

    This commercial introduces the G.I.Joe and Cobra Mega-Marines, including the G.I.Joe Monster Blaster APC vehicle. It includes scenes of the toys, along with live-action sequences shot with real actors.

    The commercial concludes with an actor shouting, "You may be tough, but I'm Gung-Ho!"

    Mega Marines, Mega Monsters, version 2

    An abbreviated version of the above commercial, omitting the live-action sequences.

    Mega Marines, Mega Monsters, version 3

    This ad features the same edit as the first Mega Marines, Mega Monsters spot, but features different narration.

    Ninja Force

    This commercial introduces the G.I.Joe and Cobra Ninja Force, including the vehicles of the Ninja Lightning Cycle, the Ninja Battle Ax, and the Ninja Pile Driver. It includes scenes of the toys, along with live-action sequences shot with real actors.

    It continues the story of Cobra building an "Ultimate Weapon".

    Capcom's Street Fighter 2

    While this commercial was not tied into the Search and Destroy ads, it did feature live action actors portraying the characters of Capcom's hit video game, Street Fighter 2.

    The Street Fighter 2 toys were released in 1993 as part of the G.I.Joe line, but no connection to the G.I.Joe vs Cobra mythos was ever established.

    Except for this commercial.

    Seen running with the Street Fighter 2 characters is the actor portraying Duke, and M. Bison shouts, "But Cobra has Street Fighters, too!"

    Capcom's Street Fighter 2, version 2

    This is an abbreviated version of the previous commercial. Commercial courtesy of retrojunk.com.

    Capcom's Street Fighter 2, version 3

    This 15 second commercial may not have aired until 1994. It features the second wave of Street Fighter figures: Balrog, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Sagat, Vega, and Zangief.

    Capcom's Street Fighter 2 Vehicles

    This ad introduced the vehicles in the Street Fighter 2 subset. Shown are the Crimson Cruiser, Sonic Boom Tank, and the Beast Blaster.

    Ghoststriker X-16

    Another "Search and Destroy" commercial, this one introduces the Ghoststriker X-16 with Ace figure, and the many features that the X-16 includes.

    This commercial does not maintain any mention of the "Search and Destroy" commercials, but it does include live action sequences with actors and sequences with the toys.

    Battle Corps figures, Shark 9000

    Another "Search and Destroy" commercial, this one also features live-action and toy sequences. This commercial was going to be for the 1993 series of Drug Elimination Force figures and vehicle. However, before they were released, the decision was made to make the D.E.F. figures and toys part of the Battle Corps subset of G.I.Joe. As a result, this commercial features only the D.E.F. elements of Battle Corps, including the Shark 9000.

    Star Brigade

    This television commercial features the Star Brigade - specifically, the Star Brigade Armor Bot.

    Capcom's 12 Inch Street Fighter 2

    This spot focused on the 12 Inch Street Fighter figures.

    Hall of Fame Electronic Talking Duke

    A 30 second commercial all about the 12" Electronic Talking Duke figure from the Hall of Fame line. Also featured is Destro.

    Hall of Fame Rhino

    This 15 second commercial advertised the Rhino G.P.V.




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