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Barracuda, Rat

The live-action commercials continued through 1992 - using real life actors to introduce G.I.Joe toys.

This commercial starts with live-action footage of Stalker and Duke before moving on to show the G.I. Joe Barracuda and Cobra Rat.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

Storm Eagle, Liquidator, Parasite, Patriot

This commercial uses actors to portay Stalker, Duke, and Destro. Highlighted in the commercial are the Storm Eagle, Liquidator, Parasite, and Patriot.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

Storm Eagle, Liquidator

Using footage from the above commercial, but omitting the ground vehicles, this 15 second ad only focuses on the planes.

Battle Copters, Air Commandos, Ninja Force

This commercial showcases several of the subset lines of 1992. Shown are the Battle Copter, Cobra Glider, G.I. Joe Glider, and the Ninja Force figures Storm Shadow, Dojo, Nunchuk, T'Jbang, Slice, and Dice.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

Earthquake, Fort America

With actors portaying Stalker, Duke, and Destro, this advertisement focuses on the Earthquake and Fort America playset.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

Fort America

An edited version of the above commercial, focusing on the Fort America playset segments.

G.I. Joe Headquarters

This commercial shows actors portraying Duke and Destro before highlighting the G.I. Joe Headquarters playset.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

G.I. Joe Headquarters, version 2

This commercial omits the footage with the actors for a 15 second edit of the G.I. Joe Headquarters comercial.

The commercial ends with "To Be Continued".

Drug Elimination Force (D.E.F.)

This commercial introduced the action figures from the Drug Elimination Force and their adversary, the evil Headhunters. It also prominently features the "Battle Flash" weapons, which were packaged with the D.E.F. figures.

It concludes with the actor portraying Duke reminding kids "that Real American Heros don't do drugs".

G.I.Joe Hall of Fame Collection

This commercial re-introduced the 12" G.I.Joe action figures - Duke, Stalker, Cobra Commander, and Snake Eyes. It featured kids playing with the 12" Joes and hyped their many features, including life-like hair, cloth uniforms, metal dogtags, and light and sound weapons.


This commercial shows the Cobra Toxo-Lab and Eco-Striker. Also shown are Barbecue, Ozone, Flint, Cesspool, and the Toxo-Zombie.

G.I. Joe Montage

This commercial recycles live-action and toy footage from previous commercials.

Talking Battle Commanders

This advertises the Talking Battle Commanders figures: Cobra Commander (v5), General Hawk (v2), Overkill, and Stalker (v3).




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