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Cobra Commander Club Exclusive

Available online January 5, 2008, this clip produced by the Official G.I. Joe Collectors' Club advertised that year's exclusive figure, Cobra Commander (v32).

Sideshow Toys Preview

Released to the web, this spot uses live actors potraying various G.I. Joe and Cobra characters in shadow. It was produced to announce the line of 12" G.I. Joe figures produced by Sideshow Collectibles.

Comic-Con Exclusive Cobra Commander

This internet commercial announced the exclusive Cobra Commander (v33a), which would be available at that year's Comic Con International.

G.I. Joe Vehicles

Another internet commercial, this piece uses a montage of footage from G.I. Joe commercials of the 1980's, followed by all new footage showcasing the newest G.I. Joe vehicles. Shown were the Armadillo Tank vs. Serpentor's Air Chariot, H.I.S.S., RAM Cycle vs. Flight Pod, and VAMP.


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