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Series: One (8" Commando Scale) (2005)
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The Ninja Hovercycle was released boxed in 2005 as part of the Sigma 6 line.

The Ninja Hovercycle converted from motorcycle to hover mode with the push of two buttons, and featured multiple weapon configurations and weapons storage.

The entire mold (minus the windshield) was reused in 2005 to make the Cobra Ninja Hovercycle.

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The Ninja Hovercycle came with a silver whip-star with black string, two silver tonfa swords, two silver ninja daggers, a silver missile, two silver detonators, two silver sword connectors, a Rapid Fire Burst submachine gun, and a silver Rapid Fire Burst ammunition clip.

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No variations of Ninja Hovercycle (v1) are known to exist.

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