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YoJoe ID: -2005-KAMAKURA-01

Series: One (8" Commando Scale) (2005)
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Kamakura was released in 2005 in the Soldier Action Figure Assortment as part of the Sigma 6 line.

Kamakura features a bolo arm launcher with firing projectile.

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Kamakura came with the following weapons: a loin cloth/belt/shoulder strap combo, a bolo arm launcher, a double missile projectile, two kama blades, a chain, a tonfa staff, a sheath, a sword, a battle star that converts from three blades to six, a silver mace, a black handle, four connector pins, "Visual Data System" goggles, and a Sigma 6 Dog Tag.

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Primary Specialty: Hand-to-hand combat

Document - S6PF.06257
Clearance Status: G3

PERSONAL HISTORY: Highly skilled, a bit reckless and extremely self-confident, KAMAKURA is an expert with many martial arts weapons. He is the student of SNAKE EYES, the ninja commando of the SIGMA 6 team. His weapons can be configured different ways to create the most effective battle system for each mission. He is especially proficient with the bolo arm launcher that can reach enemies at a distance, giving him a powerful advantage by extending the range of his attack. His expertise in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat was invaluable when the legendary ARASHIKAGE dojo was ambushed by COBRA ninjas and NINJA B.A.T. troopers. An intense battle fallowed that demanded all the skills and ingenuity of KAMAKURA to defeat the enemy assault.

EQUIPMENT PORTFOLIO: Bolo launcher: Arm-mounted system fires dual projectiles.
Ninja weapons platform: combine weapons for various combat situations:
* Tonfa staff with deployable handle.
* Battle star with dual blade function for 3- or 6-blade capabillity.
* Ninja sword, mace and kama.


No variations of Kamakura (v1) are known to exist.

Body Construction

Kamakura was created using a new mold and measures 8 inches tall.

Kamakura is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, upper torso, legs, knees, and ankles.

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