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Sgt. Savage

In 1995, Hasbro launched Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, intended as a companion line to the 3 3/4" Real American Hero series. Set within the mythos of that existing toyline, this new 4" line introduced Sgt. Savage, a time-displaced World War II hero battling the evil General Blitz and his I.R.O.N. Army. With artwork by the inimitable Joe Kubert, and a half-hour cartoon episode packaged with a Sgt. Savage figure, this line was meant to open a new door into the universe of G.I. Joe. Unfortunately, the line did not last beyond its first two waves - further planned assortments were scrapped and follow-up videos went unreleased. However, Sgt. Savage himself was transposed into Joe's next iteration: G.I. Joe: Extreme.

1995 - Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles
I.R.O.N. Army
12" Figure