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    Wolf Hound with White Out (v2)

    Review by Phillip Donnelly
    Courtesy of BigBadToyStore

    Time to check out the Wolf Hound! Wolfhounds are dogs bred to hunt wolves, so does this mean this vehicle only battles arctic Cobra vehicles from 1987? This is the fifth usage of the Snow Cat mold Hasbro has put out, and the first since 2003. But things are a little different this time. Let's take a look!

    Two things immediately jump out when first laying eyes upon this vehicle: The swirled plastic camouflage, and the new missile launcher. The swirled plastic camo is something I'm almost ashamed to say I enjoy. Yes, there are times when this method looks out of place (*cough*A.W.E.-Striker!*cough*) But it was the best thing about the Mega Marines, and I think it looks great here. The randomness of the swirls helps sell it for me, since the actual military doesn't necessarily apply the exact same camo pattern to each of its vehicles. (You'd think Cobra would pick up on that after a while, wouldn't you?)

    The new missile launcher is actually pretty fun. Unlike previous versions, This isn't the old missile rack with a spring-loaded launcher plopped on top. This is an entirely new tool, with a seldom-seen launching mechanism. Instead of four individual launching levers, we have one slide lever that fires all four missiles in succession. The result is a cleaner, slimmer look, and for the first time with this mold, a functional missile rack. Curiously, it seems as though they just modified an existing missile rack when prototyping this, as the top still has the missile launcher peg added for the Street Fighter Devastator! I suppose you could add a fifth missile launcher there, if so inclined! Might as well, you never play with that Sound Attack Snow Cat anyways!

    As with the H.I.S.S. Tank v.5, the included instructions aren't complete, though these only skip one step: make sure to add the small black wheels to the underside of the vehicle. Your Wolf Hound will move much easier with those! And a brief note on the decals - they still have the Snow Cat logo! Amusing, as that illustration is clearly a feline of some kind. The Wolf Hound must have some identity issues.

    In the driver's seat is White Out. When we last saw him ten years ago, he looked like a wanna-be Snow Job who somehow got himself an Adventure Team patch. These days, he's shaved the beard. With a new head sculpt, he starts to actually look like a different character, instead of a repaint that didn't fool anybody. Sadly, his only accessories are the hood and goggles. A pistol would have been nice here, at least.

    If you don't yet have a Snow Cat in your collection, or you're stuck with just a Tiger Cat, this is a great addition to your Joes' arctic forces. With a newly-tooled missile launcher, the Wolf Hound looks less awkward, but still aggressive and realistic. Sadly, it's not a Transformer, but there's definitely more going on here than meets the eye. (See? See what I did there? 'Cause I made the Transformers connection, right? Where are you all going??)

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    More action shots:

    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly with Chad Hucal
    Courtesy of BigBadToyStore

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