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    Pit Mobile Headquarters

    Review by Phillip Donnelly

    Great googley moogley! I've got a big sucker to review today! It's the Pit Mobile Headquarters! We haven't seen something this huge since the rerelease of the Mobile Command Center back in Aught-Three!

    And like the Mobile Command Center, this Pit is a.... mobile command center... Okay, so the concept's pretty much the same, but how's the execution? Like the Mobile Command Center, the outside of the vehicle can be misleading. Let's lift the handle on the top of the Pit and expand the playset to show off all its lovely features.

    Well the first thing to keep in mind is that this headquarters takes its cue from the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. So while this Pit and the Pit we saw in the film may not look like they have much in common, there are some connective links. For instance, there's the wall with breakaway panels. Do I hear the opportunity for a Cobra invasion? It's just too bad that the size of the hole is just short of the height of the Mole Pod. You can kind of squeeze it in there, but it won't fit all the way through.

    On the opposite wall are pop-out living quarters. Do the Joes love sleeping under the stars? Perhaps. I do appreciate that we're given some living space here. The Headquarters playset from 1983 kind of overlooked that part!

    I'm sure by now you've all heard of the infamous ping-pong table. Yes, it's here, and it's made of cardboard. The two paddles are plastic, though. We just need a ball! When the Pit is collapsed, there is some space to place the carboard table and the four cardboard crates inside, so everything fits in nice and neatly.

    Other features of the playset include trap doors, an elevator, weapons storage, a helipad, a command console with battery-operated sounds, and a jail with removable bars for prison breaks. In the back of the Pit is a small medical bay and what appears to be an entertainment center. Hope the Joes make good use of that giant flatscreen TV! They must have satellite, or something. I see a DVD player in there, mostly because it was a decal I had to apply!

    Speaking of decals, this was easily the hardest part in the construction of this vehicle. While most of the parts are big and easily connected, there are so many decals it literally took me a few hours to apply them all. With six decal sheets (!), there are also extra decals to apply as you see fit, including a calendar with Scarlett's card art. Is there something we should know here, Hasbro?

    Piloting the Pit is a unique Hawk figure, sporting that cool black leather jacket from the film. It's just too bad my Hawk has such comically crossed eyes! Oh well, my single-pack Hawk can easily take his place. And his included coffee mug!

    So how's the Pit stack up? Pretty fairly, I'd say. There's enough play features here to keep me entertained, as you should be able to see from all the pictures I've taken with my own figures. I know that for some the hundred dollar pricetag is a bit steep. However, Christmas is around the corner, and the Pit is slated to go on sale at various major retailers. So what's the holdup?

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    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

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