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    Ghost H.A.W.K.

    Review by Phillip Donnelly

    For this review I'll be tackling the Ghost H.A.W.K. This successor to the Sky Hawk is an impressive vehicle. So far, H.A.W.K. means nothing. Anyone want to construct a backronym for it?

    The Sky Hawk is another vehicle I never owned as a child. (Man, you'd think I was a deprived kid, or something, see as how I never seemed to have owned an original vehicle. The truth is I got into Joes a few years after the line started, and vehicles were never my focus.)

    The tooling for the Ghost H.A.W.K. is all new, taking advantage of modern painting techniques to finally give us a cockpit window! This is the most easily seen change from the original Sky Hawk, but the truth is that aside from the general shape of the vehicle, just about everything is different. All the major details are there, just in a more detailed sculpt. The landing skids are a bit beefier, the turbines are bulkier. There's even some paint applications to show weathering from the engines.

    Of course, this vehicle isn't a straight rehash of what came before. In addition to the enclosed cockpit, there's now a removable engine panel and additional missile storage. While the Ghost H.A.W.K. still only comes with two missiles, you have your choice of where to place them - under the landing skids, under the rudder, or on the side planes. I chose to keep mine under the skids, since that's the "classic" look, so to speak.

    The pilot of the Ghost H.A.W.K. is Lift Ticket (v2). I'm sure there are people out there who wish he'd come with a new Tomahawk instead, but since I doubt that will happen anytime soon I'm glad to see this update. Lift Ticket takes most of his parts from Mutt (v8), with a new head and arms. It's amazing how these parts, in combination with a vest and helmet, can transform a figure so completely. While the microphone is glued onto the helmet this time, I managed to remove mine rather easily. Looks like this may yet be a hard to find piece in the future.

    I know people will take issue at the large thighs of Lift-Ticket when compared to his waist. However, I believe the designers at Hasbro meant for the proportions to look normal when he wears the vest. With that piece on, the thighs look much better. It's a conceit used with Resolute Duke, too, though I think it meets with better success there.

    Like the Sting Raider, the Ghost H.A.W.K. is difficult to locate at retail at the moment. Look around online and I'm sure you'll find it, though. This is a great update to an iconic Joe vehicle, and I'm happy to have it in my collection.

    Archive entries:
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    Ghost H.A.W.K.

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    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly with Chad Hucal

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