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    G.I. Joe: Resolute DVD

    Review by Phillip Donnelly

    Here ye be warned - there be minor spoilers ahead!

    Joe fans across the country seemed immediately drawn to the concept of G.I. Joe: Resolute since it was first announced at the 2008 Joe Con. There and at the 2008 Sand Diego Comic Con, fans were treated to a short two-minute preview of what would be in store.

    We all waited with baited breath for the movie to air. Then with little warning, segments started showing up online, culminating with the entire movie airing on Cartoon Network.

    I really enjoyed this film. Sure, they killed off Major Bludd and Bazooka in the opening minutes, but it did get the point across - this was unlike any G.I. Joe cartoon ever before aired. We saw our favorite characters in updated uniforms - suddenly every Joe wears flak vests and kneepads. Well, except Tunnel Rat. He'll stick with his white t-shirt, thank you very much!

    With a script from Warren Ellis, the action was fast and unrelenting, and the characters were at once familiar and fresh. Though I think we have him to blame for Dial-Tone suddenly becoming a woman, this film certainly seemed to live up to the hype!

    And now the film is available on DVD! Released last Tuesday, November 2, G.I. Joe: Resolute is available at major retailers for a relatively inexpensive price. So we know the story, how does the disc hold up?

    The film played beautifully even on my up-converting Blu-Ray player. At times there were some odd color gradients that didn't seem to quite blend, but that was a minor problem that certainly did not take away from my enjoyment of watching the movie.

    Included in the extras is "Now You Know" - the video short of original footage that aired in the conventions. It's nice to see this included on here, as it adds some new content many may not have been able to see, while adding a bit of completeness to the whole set. When I first saw this footage in San Diego, I wondered where it would show up in Resolute. I was actually a little please to find it didn't - these creators went above and beyond trying to convey their vision of G.I. Joe. Now if I could just figure out where it's supposed to fit in the continuity!

    Also included are character profiles that feature the key art for several characters. Given the darkened lighting that permeated Resolute, it's nice to see these full-body illustrations in bright light.

    Moving along we see that storyboards are also included for your viewing pleasure. This gives a great view into the creation of the feature, seeing how the action was staged before going into the final animation.

    Also available is the interview with the filmmakers that originally appeared on the internet a few months back. As with the "Now You Know" short, this video, while previously available, helps adds to the feel of completeness for the DVD. Everything that was out there for the promotion of this video is available here.

    There are also some previews available, including one for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Though I don't think anyone who buys this DVD will not have heard of the major summer blockbuster!

    Oh yes, there's one more thing I must mention before I go: the movie has new footage! Stick through the end credits and we return to the Arashikage training island. There we see a mysteriously empty grave. Many have speculated that Snake Eyes failed to kill Storm Shadow. Me, I have another thought. Think back to 1986. Do you recall a certain Cobra Emporer created from the reconfigured DNA of history's greatest leaders? In both the cartoon and the comic, a wild card was thrown into the mix. For the cartoon, it was Sgt. Slaughter. In the comics, however, they used a certain thought-to-be-dead ninja.... Well anyways, that's how I like to think of it!

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    G.I. Joe: Resolute DVD

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    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly with Paramount Pictures

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