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    Q&A with Wizards of the Coast

    In August of 2004, the G.I.Joe Trading Card Game will be released, featuring art from Devil's Due.

    Wizards of the Coast (WotC) was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us about the game below.

    For more information on the game, check out the following:

    Q: Is there a theme to the first set and the first expansion set?

    The first set does not have a theme. It taps into elements from the entire Joe vs Cobra universe with characters from various points in time. The first set introduces characters and the first expansion in December will introduce vehicles and new characters.

    Q: Besides the art from Devil's Due, will you use art from anywhere else (specifically original package art)?

    All the art on cards and packaging is being created by Devil's Due and their artists.

    Q: Do you have any restrictions with copyrights on names?

    Only a couple of charcters were off limits to use as they were based on real people or characters from other properties. So you will not see Sgt Slaughter or the Fridge.

    Q: Will there be rules for multiple players?

    There are not official multi-player rules but the game can easily be played with more than two people.

    Q: Is the game in a new format or similar to other WotC games?

    The game is a totally new design and unique to all other WoTC games.

    Q: How many cards per expansion set?

    The first set will have 114 cards and subsequent expansions will be around 70 cards per set.

    Q: What will be the cost for Starter Decks and Booster Packs?

    Suggested retail for the two player starter is $9.99. It will have two 30 card decks (one Cobra and one GI Joe), each deck will include an exclusive holo-card, a playmat, rule book and GI Joe mini-comic.

    Suggested retail for the booster is $3.49 and they will contain 10 cards.

    Q: Have any major retailers committed to carrying the game?

    Yes, we can't name those customers as of yet but you should be able to find the cards where GI Joe action figures are sold.

    Q: Will WotC be sponsoring in-store and convention tournaments?

    We are discussing our organized play plans right now and would like to have programs running in-stores in the first half of 2005.

    Q: What is the breakdown of Rare, Uncommon, and Common cards? How hard will it be to get a complete set?

    There will be 6 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare in every booster pack. About 1 in 3 boosters will loose a common and get a holo in it's place. We tried to make the cards easier to collect and you should be able to get a complete set in 48 boosters.

    Q: Through how many different outlets will exclusive cards be released (magazines, figure pack-ins, tournament prizes, etc)?

    We are exploring various outlets for distributing promo cards. Nothing is fully finalized but we are looking at placing promo cards in outlets that reach GI Joe customers including action figures, entertainment, comic books, and conventions.

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