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    Hasbro/Paramount Press Day

    Report by Phillip Donnelly

    A week ago I found myself outside a Santa Monica, CA hotel at 9 in the morning. I wasn't there on vacation, however. I was there as your plucky reporter, eager to check out Paramount Pictures press event to which YoJoe! had been invited. I had an itinerary for the day's events, and I saw it included segments dedicated to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Given the nature of this website, you can probably guess why I was there!

    Arriving at the hotel, we were directed to a small conference room where shelves displayed current G.I. Joe and Transformers products. X-Boxes were set up to allow us to play the video games, too. There were even representatives from the game companies there to esxplain to us what the games were all about. With some time to kill before the presentation, the press people had the chance to look around and chat with the Hasbro reps in attendance.

    In the time before the Question and Answer segment started, I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Labovitz, Global Senior Brand Manager for G.I. Joe. For the record, yes, Hasbro does use this site a lot! In the few minutes I had to talk with him, he did let a few things slip - He gave confirmation of 2 G.I. Joe Resolute packs to be released next year. They would be online exclusives in the manner of the Extreme Conditions and Cobra Island packs. He mentioned there would be seven figures per pack.

    The second item I got was that Hasbro acknowledges that DVD Battle Pack 5 was hard to obtain for many collectors. In order to allow collectors to complete their M.A.S.S. Device, the Beam Emitter would be sold in an exclusive pack in 2010.

    Additionally, there will be a "Then and Now" pack in 2010 featuring Hawk!

    That's just the start, though! Read on for more on the G.I. Joe presentation by Aaron Archer and Jeff Labovitz in Page 2! Or jump ahead to Page 3 and reall all about the Delta-6 Accelerator Suits made by Legacy Effects!

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    Editor's Note:
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    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

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