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    Josh Blaylock Interview

    On January 18, 2005, rumors surrounding the comic book started, hinting at cancellations, reboots, and relaunches. Josh Blaylock, President and founder of Devil's Due Publishing, took the time to answer the following questions for us regarding the rumors and DDP's plans for G.I.Joe.


    Q: Is Reloaded being cancelled?

    Unfortunately, Reloaded will be ending as of issue 14.

    Q: Will the series be wrapped up, or left open ended?

    There WILL be closure to the story. Chuck Dixon, the writer, has had enough notice to give the story a solid ending.

    Q: Why is Reloaded being cancelled?

    Unfortunately the demand just isn't there to support it. Response has been awesome since Chuck took over, but it's taken a while for word to make it from fans to retailers. With the revamp of the regular series, it's very important that there is just ONE main G.I.Joe book when the relaunch happens, and we can expand the line out once again a month or two after.

    Q: Are there any plans to bring back Reloaded at any point in another form?

    There might be a new volume of reloaded a year down the line. I guess it would be comparable to the way "Ultimates" (for those who've heard of that comic) is a series of 12 or 13 issue maxi-series. Reloaded might be better suited for that format. It will make for some nice TPBs. The first TPB, "In the Name of Patriotism" is on its way soon too.

    Q: Will any of the ideas from Reloaded be brought over the the main G.I.Joe universe (like Carla Greer, the female Doc)?

    No. Reloaded is a completely different reality - the new series is a continuation of the Marvel continuity and DDP continuity that's existed for over 20 years.

    Q: Will Chuck Dixon be doing anything in addition to Breakdown for Devil's Due?

    I want to make it clear that I've really really liked Chuck's GIJoe stories so far. I hope he does something with us in the future, but there is nothing planned just yet.

    Check with JoeReloaded.com for more Reloaded questions and answers, coming soon!

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