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    Lloyd Goldfine Interview (3/17):
    A Senior Vice President at Griffin Bacall recalls his time working on the live-action segments of the G.I. Joe Extreme cartoon!

    John Barber Interview (12/13):
    IDW editor and series co-writer of the upcoming Transformers and G.I. Joe crossover book

    Derryl DePriest Interview (07/12):
    Hasbro's Derryl DePriest, Vice President of Global Brand Management.

    Hasbro/Paramount Press Day (10/09):
    Phillip Donnelly attends a press event from Hasbro and Paramount!

    Wren Roberts Interview (1/09):
    The actor who portrayed "Duke" during the live action commercials of the 1990's tells us of his time on set!

    Larry Hama Interview (3/07):
    Larry shares news and insights into his newest title - G.I.Joe: Storm Shadow!

    Mark Powers Interview (2/07):
    Artist for Devil's Due title: G.I. Joe: America's Elite.

    Mike Bear Interview (2/07):
    Artist for Devil's Due title: G.I. Joe: America's Elite.

    Joe Casey Interview (4/06):
    Writer for Devil's Due title: G.I. Joe: America's Elite.

    Gary Boas Interview (12/05):
    An interview with Gary Boas, a former child actor who provided voices for G.I.Joe commercials.

    DST Interview (9/05):
    An interview with Mike Leavey, Marketing Coordinator for Diamond Select, discussing upcoming G.I.Joe Product.

    Mark Powers Interview (6/05):
    An interview with Mark Powers - Editor of Devil's Due Publishing. Mark answers some questions about the upcoming Snake Eyes mini-series.

    Josh Blaylock Interview (1/05):
    An interview with Josh Blaylock - President & Founder of Devil's Due Publishing. Josh clears up some of the rumors surrounding the comic book.

    Michael Horn Interview (8/04):
    An interview with Michael Horn - President & CEO of Palisades, creators of the G.I.Joe statues and busts.

    TCG Interview (3/04):
    An interview with Wizards of the Coast about the upcoming Trading Card Game.

    Brandon Jerwa Interview (4/03):
    An interview with Brandon Jerwa - writer of the G.I.Joe Frontline comic book, issues #11 - #14.

    Spencer Michlin Interview (9/00):
    An interview with Spencer Michlin - co-writer of the unforgettable G.I.Joe theme song.

    G.Wayne Miller Interview:
    An interview with G.Wayne Miller - author of Toy Wars.

    Larry Hama Interview (12/97):
    An interview with Larry Hama - writer of the G.I.Joe comic books and G.I.Joe filecards.

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