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    Wave 1, 2009 Firefly

    Blowtorch | Cobra Commander | Cobra Trooper | Duke | Firefly | Dreadnok Torch

    Review by Justin Bell


    It isn’t often that I react to a Joe review that way, I try to take them as seriously as possible, but it’s tough to find a motivation, purpose, or reason why this figure even exists.  It’s the same straight up version of Firefly we got way back in Wave 3, but in a more blue color than gray.  It actually almost matches the Firefly that came in the Toys “R” Us “Greenshirts” set, which is another reason why I’m not sure why Hasbro bothered.

    The blue doesn’t seem to be a particular homage to anyone in particular (why couldn’t we get a Tiger Force version to emulate Wreckage?) and the color isn’t even necessarily that appealing.  Blue is a somewhat strange choice, even if it is reminiscent of COBRA’s look.  Nothing to get excited about at all with this figure.  To a certain degree, I do like the blue shade of his uniform, it seems  to be a bit more connected to COBRA, but truthfully I don’t see much of an update here that we didn’t already get in past versions.

    He does come with a cool allotment of accessories, to be sure.  The same sabotage gear that the Comic Pack version came with is always welcome, but doesn’t make this figure any cooler, and in fact, I like the Comic Pack version overall a LOT better.

    Nothing to see here…  move along.

    GRADE: out of 5

    Archive entry:
    Firefly (v17)

    More action shots:

    Images from the collection of: Justin Bell

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