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Wave 8, 2008 Tripwire w/ Desert Element

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Review by Justin Bell

What's that saying? Everything that's new is old again? Everything that's old is new again? I have no idea, but I do know that there is nothing new about this Tripwire figure. Nothing new at all.

Hasbro has a pretty darn good formula going, I think. They use single packs to showcase new tooling, iconic characters, with a few obscure gems worked into each assortment. Then for those vintage homage figures that can be taken from existing parts, they tend to dip into the Comic Pack assortments giving us cool figures like Red Star, Copperhead, Iron Grenadier, and yes, Tripwire. I wasn't sold on using the Flash/Grand Slam body for the character, but was pleasantly surprised and found it worked a lot better than I anticipated. I did wish they went with the pre-production "smooth" look of the HISS Driver over the quilted look that we ended up with, but still, with the new head and slight tooling adjustments, the existing parts worked pretty darn well. It ended up being a successful figure.

And of course, as tends to happen, folks get a character in comic pack form, and they want him in single pack form...here's something about that dramatic art and single pack format that just brings Joe fans back to their happier days, but I would have expected at least some sort of change.

I've seen some comparison pictures that show this new Tripwire has slightly different colored pads ...a minutely different shade of gray. To that I say "who cares?" I am willing and able to find pretty much any excuse or reason to back up Hasbro for certain questionable decisions, but I just can't do it here. We got Tripwire in a comic pack just a couple of months ago. We got this exact version of Tripwire in a comic pack a couple of months ago. Come on...we couldn't find SOME other figure to tie into the desert element and the MASS Device? Or better yet, Hasbro couldn't find some way to change up Tripwire as a Tiger Force homage or even the Listen n Fun version? Granted, neither of those figures would have been cartoon accurate, but if the Tripwire we already got (yes, a couple of months ago) was cartoon accurate enough that they reproduced it exactly here, then why do we need a second one?

He's got all of the same accessories, with only the very slight addition of the Desert element. I love the Desert element, and I like the idea of working these into figures to better complete the MASS Device, but man, I don't see that tiny piece of plastic as a drastic enough addition to warrant another 8 dollar purchase. The figure is just too similar.

To this point Hasbro has been walking the line between repaints, rehash, and getting us the characters we want in the format we want with pretty decent success. But I just see no reason to re-release the exact same figure we got a couple of months ago again in a single pack format, especially considering fans need to buy this figure to complete their MASS Device. I would think there would be something new and interesting Hasbro could have done to make this figure new and exciting, but it just didn't happen.

Granted, if you don't have the Comic Pack and had no desire to get that with the new COBRA Commander, then at least you have the option of picking up this new character in single pack format. For those of us who own the comic pack, there isn't any appeal here, but for folks who don't own it yet, the figure is a nice one and would be worth a purchase. I just don't think it's worth a second purchase.

GRADE: out of 5

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