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Wave 7, 2008 COBRA Flint

COBRA Eel | COBRA Flint | Pilot Scarlett | Sgt. Airborne | Specialist Trakker | Zartan

Review by Justin Bell

As every Joe fan will attest to, we've been fairly inundated with repeat characters, repeat parts, and a LOT of COBRA Troopers...more than I can shake a stick at. Where the Clone Troopers have pretty much flooded the Star Wars line, we're getting a very similar treatment with the basic COBRA "blue shirt". Part of me thinks that's cool, but part of me would like to see it happen with a figure like the Viper (a fixed version of the Viper, of course) rather than the more basic trooper, but still, army builders must be salivating at how many different various Troopers are out there. This version of Flint adds another element to the mix, and manages to fill a nice homage to the Sunbow cartoon at the same time.

I'm not going to sit here and sing the praises of getting another figure of reused parts, but if Hasbro is going to get so much mileage out of their tooling, they might as well pick some interesting combinations and figures that have some basis in the G.I. Joe mythos, which this figure does. Yet, rather than just give us another Flint, Hasbro tosses another head in the package, and the army builders can be satisfied as well.

As everyone is likely aware of by now, Flint appeared in this COBRA Trooper disguise alongside Mutt in the Weather Dominator mini-series. The rolled-up shirt sleeves and trademark COBRA Trooper uniform was used by both him and Mutt to survive behind enemy lines, at least for a short while.

By mixing up the tooling a little bit with the COBRA Trooper torso and legs, and Tiger Force Flint's head and arms, you get a pretty decent approximation of how Flint looked in those scenes, even though it's not nearly animation-accurate. Even with different strap colors and gloves instead of bare hands, this figure resembles the cartoon counterpart fairly well...well enough for me, anyway. One of the cooler things is that we got a Mutt figure in the last assortment as well, so we can actually reproduce both figures in this new disguised look!

But for those army builder fans who don't want a beret or moustache on their COBRA Trooper, each Flint figure comes with a spare Trooper head and helmet that can be easily swapped out, which gives you a unique new Trooper, complete with short sleeves and gloves. Many folks have sort of latched onto these figures as COBRA mechanics, and from a certain perspective, I think that works really well. The short sleeves are a somewhat casual look, probably not the way they would go into combat, so some sort of support role makes perfect sense. Whatever capacity you choose to use the Trooper in, it meshes with the rest of the COBRA army very well, yet has a little design difference that can be easily used to separate him from the normal ground pounders.

I already pointed out the Trooper head, and the figure also comes with a cartoon themed laser gun and the same knife that most other troopers carry in their leg sheath. We also get a unique Flint battle stand with a COBRA logo, which I think is a pretty neat little twist. But I have to ask when the heck are we going to get COBRA battle stands with two foot pegs?!? The Joes have had it for a long time now, we need them for the COBRA's too.

All in all, this figure is nothing amazing or different. Nothing new or ground-breaking, but it's a neat homage using some existing parts and gives everyone some more blood for their Trooper armies. Not bad for a swift repaint and low tooling costs.

GRADE: out of 5

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