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Wave 6, 2008 Duke (Tiger Force)

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Review by Justin Bell

The mere mention of the name “Duke” brings fear and loathing to many a Joefan, especially now that the Anniversary line has brought his name to nearly mythically bad proportions.  He used to merely be a Boy Scout good guy that was over-exposed, but now he’s the source of many a Joefan’s misery with his bad, bad, BAD arms.  Of course with the release of this Tiger Force version it was revealed to a chorus of cheers that this version of Duke would be “fixed”!  And he is.

Kind of.

To a lot of folks, the problems with Duke’s arms were the slits in the middle of the forearms, and I can understand that issue.  Simple things like holding a steering wheel or firing a weapon caused the plastic to separate and make this figure look like it was falling apart.  But to me, almost a larger part of the problem was with the elbow joints and the fact that he had limited mobility.  Sure, the separating forearms were an issue, but they wouldn’t have even been as major an issue if his arms could bend properly…but they couldn’t.  And unfortunately they still can’t.  He does end up looking a bit better with the solid sculpted forearms, but he still cannot fire his weapon really well and his arms do not bend as far as I’d like them to.  There is a somewhat better range of motion than there used to be, but not enough to make a huge difference, and while Duke is moderately fixed, he’s still not nearly perfect.

As for the figure itself, it’s not bad.  I’ve never been a huge Tiger Force fan, especially when the colors got all yellow and white, but Flint and Duke look really nice in their dark greens, browns, and blacks.  This Duke is not a straight up repaint of the vintage version, he has been changed quite a bit, but all of those changes are for the better, and you end up with a figure that is a lot darker, and a lot more in tune with Flint’s color scheme, and I like it a lot.

Unlike any of the other Duke’s as well, this one actually comes with the authentic Duke accessories, with his helmet, backpack, binoculars, and easily identifiable machine gun.  These are very nice touches that I like a lot, and I’m glad to at least see the gear here that Duke is supposed to come with.  That’s a nice touch.

Yes, Duke does have some repair work on his arms…yes, the figure does look pretty cool in this Tiger Force motif, but as a whole to me, there isn’t a lot to get really excited about here.  Not a bad figure, and improved, which is always good, but at the core, it’s another in a long line of Duke’s and doesn’t spark anything in me really.

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