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Sideshow 12" Snake Eyes with Timber

Review and photos by Phillip Donnelly

In today's review, I'm looking at Sideshow Collectibles's Snake Eyes with Timber. This is Sideshow's second trip to the Snake Eyes well. The first Snake Eyes was also their first figure for the G.I. Joe line, and it makes sense that they'd want to take what they've learned or changed in the intervening years and apply it to G.I. Joe's most visible character. So what makes this figure so special that it deserves a second shot in lieu of a character yet to be made by Sideshow? Well, that's what I'm trying to get to here, jeez. Some people are so impatient!

We start, as always, with the box. It's the usual Sideshow fare, which is to say it's still pretty great. We have the magnetic latch to keep the box closed, two resealable window displays showcasing the figure and its accessories, some great images of the figure all decked out, and the filecard on the back. The filecard uses the same copy as the 1982 Snake Eyes figure, and that seems to be the inspiration for this Sideshow release. Oddly, the box features a more matte finish to it rather than the glossy look of previous figures.

Whereas the first Sideshow figure appeared heavily influenced by the 1985 figure, here we go a little more traditional with the goggles and facemask. Of course, whether Snake Eyes should be more Commando, using the goggles, or more Ninja, with the visor, is a matter of some debate for us Joe fans. The numerous threads on this topic have almost broken out into fistfights! I kid of course, but like politics and religions, it's a discussion best left alone if you wish to remain civil. Sideshow wisely decided to sidestep that whole debate, and each figure set comes with an alternate head with the visor. Of course, the figure in the package uses the goggles head, so I guess we know which one the favorite is! I plan to be writing several strongly worded letters on the matter to Sideshow's customer service department to make sure that they're held accountable for this travesty!

Snake Eyes uses the Prometheus body with the muscular arms previously seen on Rock 'n' Roll. As the heads feature sculpted masks instead of fabric ones, you can actually remove all his clothing this time around, unlike the first Sideshow Snake Eyes figure. Not that, y'know, you'd need to strip Snake Eyes or anything. I'm just saying, you could do it. Hey, if I didn't, I wouldn't have known that he does in fact have an Arashikage clan tattoo on his forearm! Look, I don't need to defend myself here - maybe my Snake Eyes doesn't want to be on the clock all the time! He's not allowed to put on a Hawaiian shirt and some bermuda shorts and lounge around Barbie's pool deck??

At any rate, the gear Snake Eyes comes with is as impressive as ever. Snake Eyes has the standard flat or kneeling feet, three pairs of hands, BDU pants, a shirt, a Commando sweater, a TAD Gear Messenger Bag, an Uzi, an XCR PDW rifle with grenade launcher attachment, an MP-SMG, a pistol, a Daito sword, a mean looking knife, four handheld grenades, six grenade rounds that can slide inside the grenade launcher, extra magazine clips for each of his firearms, suppressors and/or silencers (I don't know the difference!), and various pouches and holsters. Curiously, while Snake Eyes comes with a canteen pouch, he doesn't come with a canteen - instead, it's a Nalgene bottle. Of course, since the figure as presented doesn't actually have a mouth, it's all a moot point anyway.

You may have noticed I left out talking about something important in this set, and you're quite right. The box says "Snake Eyes with Timber" for a reason! Timber might as well be treated as a full-fledged character, as he takes up most of the space in what is normally the accessory window display, has 17 points of articulation, and is a pretty hefty piece of solid plastic. The Sideshow exclusive version even comes with an alternate, growling head, just perfect for any Cobra Trooper foolish enough to try to stand up to him. The default head is a nice, neutral look, to be sure, but the exclusive head really presents him as a threat. Sadly, I'm afraid the articulation works a little against Timber. One of his paws appears to be molded in a pointing stance that the socket joint doesn't really reposition. And the shoulder and hip connections are simply swivel joints, so you can't splay his limbs out at all. Overall though, it's still an impressive figure and beats out anything Hasbro has ever made by far.

So does this figure warrant yet another Snake Eyes purchase? I'd say so. Especially if you missed the first Snake Eyes figure, like me. This figure allows you to customize your Snake Eyes to whichever role you feel suits him best, comes with enough firepower to outfit a small platoon, and has a big honkin' wolf to boot. Sure, Timber could be better, but he's still an impressive figure. And really, who wouldn't want to be able to say they have a wolf action figure?

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Snake Eyes with Timber

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