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    G.I. Joe Resolute: G.I. Joe Battle Set
    Beachhead (v14), Duke (v41), Flint (v18),
    Roadblock (v20), Scarlett (v13), Sgt. Stalker (v12),
    Snake Eyes (v51)

    Review and photos by Phillip Donnelly

    Whoa, hey! We're still doing reviews?! When was that decided? All right, what is it this time? Resolute figures? Awesome!

    Welcome back, folks! Today we've got a heapin' helpin' of Joes for you to peruse. We're reviewing the G.I. Joe Battle Set, an internet exclusive seven pack based on Joes as they appeared in G.I. Joe: Resolute. Seven figures?? That's more than I've ever reviewed at once here!

    So let's acknowledge something first - these sets were made for us, the collectors. The fact that Hasbro rescued "cancelled" toys for these sets, as well as doing their darnedest to make new ones is evident enough of that! However, in order to fill out the ranks a bit, Hasbro cheated a little in the parts department. Thus, half the figures in this box wear the same pants. Duke should sue!

    Beachhead is first on the scene. Honestly, when these sets were first revealed, I was surprised (and elated) that Hasbro chose to make this figure. He's barely on-screen! But he had such a great take on his iconic look that I knew I wanted a toy of him. Seeing that he was one of the figures made expressly for this set, I guess I wasn't the only one! Well, with a new head and Hawk's torso and waist, Hasbro adds enough new gear to make a great looking figure here. Give him a neat sheath to attach to his new webgear, Duke's submachine gun in green, and we're good!

    "Arctic" Duke is up next.With a new head mold being the only new figure tooling here, we get a decent approximation of how he appeared. Truthfully, this figure is probably the most off-model of all the figures, outfit-wise, but the Snake Eyes (v35) tooling works well. Sure, he doesn't have the proper gear, but the paint layout makes for a pretty nice substitute.

    Flint seemed to occupy a second-in-command role in the cartoon, so while he got a lot of screen time, he didn't actually do much aside from stand around and talk. But he was still a major enough presence that it made sense to include him in this set. While he sports two kneepads instead of his animated couterpart's one (indicating he likes to kneel while firing!), the powers that be did give him his unusual shotgun shell wrist gauntlet thingy. Don't look at me like that. I'd like to see you come up with a better name! (I'm sure you will.)

    Roadblock! We know you were a cancelled figure! If the two previous uses of your mold were not an indication, one need only look around the web for preproduction versions of your figure from last year. Aside from the massive machine gun and ammo belt, this guy comes with... a pick axe? Okay... I guess the chef here has his own garden to till for his vegetables! Incidentally, both the machine gun and pick axe can peg into his backpack hole. Finally, he comes with a rocket, I guess. Is it supposed to represent the G84 he comically launched at Destro's head in the show? Honestly, I only call the accessory his since it was placed next to him in the box, and it made more sense that it belonged to him instead of Stalker.

    Oh Scarlett, what did they do to you?? You used to be beautiful once, but honey, you got real ugly. Ok, so it's just the head. The rest of the figure looks normal. Aside from the standard crossbow, she also comes with a sniper rifle. Probably so she can take out some Cobras in a snow flurry. It's just hard to get over the face, you know? The fat cheeks, the too tall forehead, the overall giantness of the head in proportion to the body. This was also a cancelled figure, so there was time to resculpt the head, too! It's best to be moving on, I think.

    Stalker- er, Sgt. Stalker, also uses the separate collar piece as Beachhead, but with Snake Eyes' torso. It's not as successful here, however, since the skin tone paint travels beyond what the collar covers. Aside from that, this figure is a pretty good mix of parts for his animated look. He does look a bit angry, though.

    Finally, we have Snake Eyes. Clad entirely in gray here, though we've had him entirely in black and half black and half gray already. There's not much new to say about the figure - it's still an excellent mold with some excellent gear. To spice things up this time, we also have a backpack-glider-suit. Now he can glide into Arashikage Island and slice up some Cobra Troopers! Mmmm, morbid....

    So many great figures in one convenient package! Oh, and Scarlett. Sorry, sorry, it's just the head! If you've got as much love for Resolute as I do, consider Gung Ho (v20) to be more a part of this series than the Rise of Cobra line, and have already painted gray hair onto that spare G.I. Joe Doc (v2) you bought to sell-at-an-inflated-price-but-never-got-around-to-out-of-sheer-laziness, then this set is just for you! And this is only half of the offerings! There's a Cobra pack as well! Man, Hasbro, if it's not too late to put in some requests, I've got a few I'd like to make! They're not much, just Tunnel Rat, Lady Jaye, and Cover Girl. Oh, and Spirit. And Airborne. And Ripcord. And Shipwreck. And a female Dialtone in her tan dress suit would be nice, too. Don't forget Wild Bill! I've already got a good Bazooka, so we're cool there, though!

    And Rock 'N Roll.

    Archive entries:

  • Beachhead (v14)
  • Duke (v41)
  • Flint (v18)
  • Roadblock (v20)
  • Scarlett (v13)
  • Sgt. Stalker (v12)
  • Snake Eyes (v51)
  • Editor's Note:
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    More action shots:

    Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

    Figures courtesy of BigBadToyStore — get your G.I. Joes and much more at BigBadToyStore!

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