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This is the Sit-Rep, soldier, the Situation Report! It's here where we get the intel on the new troops, talk to the big brass, and generally do anything else that isn't in an archival capacity! So what are you waiting for? It's time for your debriefing!

Mission Accepted

Review by Phillip Donnelly

The "Mission Accepted" two-pack was one of the new sets released for this year's Toys R Us-exclusive  toyline.  Comprised of Conrad "Duke" Hauser (v51) and Tombstone, this set attempts to give us a new take on an old classic, as well as an all-new character.

Duke here is, I suppose, a modern interpretation of his original uniform - tan on top and green on the bottom.  The only problem is that his tan shirt is a bit too yellow to really be that classic desert tan.  Duke uses his great Pursuit of Cobra headsculpt, a Rise of Cobra torso and waist, Retaliation Sgt. Airborne arms, and Retaliation GI Joe Trooper legs.  The figure is topped off with that incredible (and near-omnipresent at this point!) Shock Trooper vest.  He needs that vest.  Without it, he's got a skinny shirt with really baggy arms -  a fashion faux-pas that even someone like me can spot a mile away.  It's a striking difference, too - his arms almost look baggier than his pants!  And speaking of his pants, Duke apparently color-coordinates his pants cuffs and his shoes, as they're both black.  Do we chalk that up to a skipped paint app to save costs, or just a weird design choice?

Duke's armament consists of an M-4 rifle, a paratrooper SAW rifle variant, a pistol, and a backpack.  The guns are straight out of Duke's jungle-themed Pursuit of Cobra release, while the backpack is from Elite-Viper.  This backpack has some rectangular cutouts on the interior side, allowing you to try and wedge in the M-4 for storage, though it's far from a perfect fit.  And I appreciate the removable ammo clip on the SAW, even if I manage to lose it every time I blink.  Unfortunately, there's no holster storage for the pistol, so Duke can't hold all his accessories at once.  You can wedge the pistol into one of the backpack cavities, though.  Once pegged into Duke's back, the backpack pretty securely holds the pistol in place, though this was not a design choice.

Tombstone is the new kid on the Cobra block.  A tall, burly figure with a missing eye and a nasty scar in its place.  Tombstone's body once again impresses me with its reuse of Pursuit of Cobra Firefly parts, as I figured that sculpt was too specifically detailed to really be reusable.  Add in some upper arms from Resolute Cobra Trooper and lower arms from Retaliation Snake Eyes, and you've got a pretty interesting looking figure.  I still think those Firefly feet are too big, though.

When it comes to weapons, Tombstone apparently thinks go big or go home.  He's got a Heckler & Koch G36, some futuristic looking shotgun, Retaliation Cobra Trooper's giant rifle, and even the MIAW (Multi-Function Individual Assault Weapon) from Cobra Commander.   I'm not quite sure what he's planning to do with these things, but chances are it isn't pleasant.

Tombstone is given the specialty of PsyOps Command; he seems to be Cobra's version of Psyche-Out - a man who spreads fear and distrust on the battlefield.  His filecard doesn't give much insight into his personality beyond that, but that makes him essentially a blank slate to make him as mean and nasty or as cold and ruthless as you could want.

Duke and Tombstone each have their issues, but are overall some strong figures.  Tombstone adds a new dimension to Cobra Command, while Duke is a pretty good update to an established character.  I think they're worth your time and money to bring home!


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November 20, 2016
Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

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