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Hot Toys 12" G.I. Joe: Retaliation Roadblock

Photos by Phillip Donnelly

Here he is, the fourth and latest figure in the Hot Toys line of ultra-detailed 1/6th scale figures. Roadblock is made by Hot Toys but distributed by Sideshow Collectibles, just like the other three figures, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and General Joe Colton.

So, to start, Roadblock is portrayed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and never in my life, have I seen an action figure with such a life-like portrait/likeness. It is almost spooky; the eyes follow you a bit. This is the most accurate model of a real world person I have seen. Roadblock features all of The Rock's real-life tattoos in shocking detail and accuracy. The detail on the body, the wrinkles and veins in the forearms, facial hair, complexion, every detail has been copied over into plastic form.

As with other Hot Toys figures, Roadblock comes with three pairs of hands in different poses, with open fingered gloves, a wrist computer/GPS unit with printed/detailed display and wrist watch (which, in the film is a Panerai PAM00356 Luminor Chronograph, a modest $9,000 time piece - G.I. Joe must pay very, very well).

Roadblock features a mostly movie accurate set of fatigues (pants and an Under Armor style shirt), with an almost US Army MultiCam camouflage pattern; it is close, but not quite the right pattern/color. There is also an additional black t-shirt if you want to change Roadblock's look to reflect the later scenes in the film.

The body armor vest has armored plates front and back, and features sheathes, scabbards and holsters to hold all of his knife blades and baton; the pistols have holsters which hang off the legs.  Add to the uniform knee pads, boots, and holsters, you have the base figure. Unfortunately our sample had issues keeping one of the armored chest plates on the vest, via the peg on the bottom. Any pressure against the figure's body and the chest plate would fall off the vest.

On to the weapons. I'll try to be as accurate as possible as we go through all the gear with the real-world designations where applicable.

Roadblock features a unique combat system, devised by Hasbro, called Battle-Kata. Essentially, one set of grips with brass knuckles would be used to attach the included bayonet, the two short daggers, a security baton or Roadblock's two modified Glock 21 pistols. This was not an emphasized feature in the film (check the Roadblock/Firefly fight scene at the end of the film), but it carries over well to this figure and really works. It's a lot of fun to swap the weapons back and forth.

There is an additional Glock 21, without Battle-Kata modifications, included with Roadblock as well as the FN M249-E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) machine gun with mounted Aimpoint CompM4s red dot sight, ammunition can and ammunition belt. The accurate details in the SAW is beyond impressive, sure to drive any military gun-nut wild.

So, what's missing? Roadblock just isn't Marvin F. Hinton without his big 'ol Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun. The Ma-Deuce. The BMG. The fitty. Where's the most iconic gun for one of the most iconic characters in all of G.I. Joe? It was in the film, why isn't it here?

That being said, the figure moves exceptionally well, with only minor leg/hip restriction and the typical "don't press it too hard" arm and elbow joints. I honestly cannot find any negatives to Roadblock. He's incredibly accurate to the film; the quality is surpassed by none. I don't think Hasbro could ever make a figure with this level of detail and quality. But with quality, comes an equally impressive price tag, like all Hot Toys figures.

To date, this is my favorite figure from Hot Toys. The ninjas were great, but fragile in spots, General Colton was just a pretty average figure, but Roadblock here - he's the real deal. This real American hero will always have a place on my shelf.

Yo Joe!

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Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

Figure courtesy of Hot Toys!

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