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Hall of Heroes Snake Eyes (v41)

Review by Phillip Donnelly

Here's the first review of the Hall of Heroes wave, and appropriately enough, we're starting with figure 1 of 10, Snake Eyes (v41).

In case you missed the story, in 2008 Hasbro held an online poll to find a sort-of "Best of" for the figures released in the 25th Anniversary line. The Top 10 were made into the Hall of Heroes. I put "Best of" in quotation marks as all 10 figures are different from their previous releases, ranging from minor tweaks to drastic reinterpretations.

Snake Eyes here falls somewhere in the middle. His parts are a mix of the single pack Snake Eyes from 2007 and the DVD Battles Pack 4 Snake Eyes from 2008, with coloring from the G.I. Joe Set Snake Eyes from 2009. I actually prefer the headsculpt of version 29 compared to version 37's take, but it is a little odd seeing my ninja wear combat boots.

For some reason, every Hall of Heroes figures comes packaged on a card, stuffed inside a box. The card I get - it showcases pretty, pretty artwork of the character, while securely holding the toy in place. The box adds no information not present on the card, and serves to only add another 15 minutes of my unpacking these guys and filling up whatever free space I had left in the trash can. I guess it's meant for people who leave the toys on the card.

Snake Eyes comes with his trusty wolf companion, who may or may not be "Timber," the only indication being the figure listing on the cardback. It's probably safe to assume it is, but I don't know of many wolves that are still alive after 24 years. I'm sure there's something deep and profound to say about outliving your toy's pets, but that line of thinking leads to confusing, intertwined layers of self-referencing meta-humor that gives me a headache just mentioning it. Let's move on, shall we?

The rest of the accessories are the by now standard bandolier, sword, uzi, and knife. Unique to this wave of figures is a gold display stand. Curiously, it appears to be molded in gold plastic, and then painted over again in gold paint. I'm not quite sure what the line of thinking there was. Were the Hasbro designers concerned that the display stand was not as "blinged out" as it could be? If that is indeed the case, may I then suggest that the names on the stand should have been spelled out in diamonds. That's class there, gentlemen.

If the odd hands of the G.I. Joe Set Snake Eyes threw you off just a bit, then this version of Snake Eyes may have more of what you're looking for. If you prefer the more ninja look of Snake Eyes to the more commando look, and you simply must choose only one Snake Eyes per wave, then this is your figure. If, however, you feel you have enough Snake Eyes to populate a small village with, then this figure offers little new. In fact, this can be said of pretty much the entire Hall of Heroes assortment. The idea is to produce iconic versions of these characters, and in that regard, I suppose this Snake Eyes is a success.

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Snake Eyes (v41)

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