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Heavy Conflict

Review by Phillip Donnelly

"Heavy Conflict" is the second two-pack of new figures from the 2016 Toys R Us-exclusive GI Joe line.  Like the "Mission Accepted" pack, this set consists of an update to an existing character as well as an all-new character.  Only here, they're both Joes!

Heavy Duty is a definite throwback to his first figure.  Green headgear, white shirt, and green camo pants.  But instead of a baseball cap and dress shirt with torn-off sleeves, we get a do-rag and a t-shirt.  The Night Adder tactical vest in black takes the place of his original bandolier.  Heavy Duty uses the Retaliation Ultimate Roadblock build with a new head, and I'm of a mixed mind on this.  On the one hand, it's a great, bulky build as befits a Heavy Ordnance Trooper.  On the other hand, the look is just off enough from the original figure design to make me sad.  This body has been used to great effect for Leatherneck and Repeater in the past, but I'm getting a little tired of it.  And the fact that the filecard art depicts his original costume sort of rubs salt in the wound.  I suppose this figure is a more tactical take on Heavy Duty, but I found the goofiness of his original uniform part of his charm!

Heavy Duty's loadout includes Roadblock's ma-deuce, Resolute Roadblock's rifle, and an M-249 rifle, also from Roadblock.  (I'm sensing a pattern here.)  Clearly Heavy Duty does not concern himself with understatement.  A pistol and knife are also included for the figure's holster and sheath.  REgrettably, the handles on the pistol and knife are too small to fit in the larger grip of Heavy Duty's hands!  You can sort of get them to balance there, but they're not very useful once gravity isn't working in your favor.

And now we move on to Stiletto.  She's the new girl in town, the first fan-made character introduced to the line.  Borrowing liberally from Agent Helix with a touch of Lady Jaye, Stiletto adds in a new head, Falcon's neckerchief, and a bright color scheme to change things up.  Her chin seems a little pointy to me for some reason.  The white streak in her hair and the scar across her right eye are some distinctive characteristics to set her apart from the crowd.  A part of me thinks they should have paired Stiletto in a two-pack with Tombstone and called it something like "Eye Trauma."

Stiletto comes with quite the arsenal - a Dragunov sniper rifle, a submachine gun, two knives, and the sword set from Renegades Storm Shadow.  There's no place to store her smaller weapons, so make peace with losing them now.  As for her position as a bodyguard to Mercer, it does give her an interesting backstory.  I'm not entirely sure Mercer needs a bodyguard, as he always seemed pretty sure of his own abilities in the cartoons.  I have to admit, though, that I haven't read the GI Joe Worlds stories from which she originated.

The "Heavy Conflict" set is definitely worth a look.  We finally get a more traditional, if imperfect, Heavy Duty after years of asking, and a new female character is always welcome.  If you come across this on the pegs, it's worth putting in your cart.


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December 7, 2016
Images from the collection of: Phillip Donnelly

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