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Pictured above is a mock-up prototype of the Cobra Command Team Destro (1997). Note that the figure featured silver details on the belt and leg straps. Another noteworthy point is the highlighted collar, which could be indicative of a desire on the behalf of the designer to play with various color schemes that eventually led to the well-known leopard print Destro.

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A leopard print Destro has come into the hands of several collectors, and has become known as "Pimp Daddy Destro" or "PDD" among the collecting community. It was originally speculated that this figure was released in America on the card at the start of the 1997 distribution, but to date only one has been said to have been located at retail (pictured), in addition only a few loose samples are known. It would be more reasonable to assume that this piece is not a production variation, but a production sample made prior to release and changed before the production run began. At this time it is still too early to tell and what little evidence that is present will support the argument on either side. The color scheme has tan areas with black "leopard" spots on the collar and legs.

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