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Major Bludd


Pictured above is a hadpainted prototype version of Major Bludd (1994). Notable differences include the black shoes, lack of silver detail on the chest, silver right hand and elbow detail. Also, the helmet has more black toward the top. Aside from the missile launcher, the accessories pictured were from Outback (1993).

Additional Images:

Action figures usually start as "Hard Copies". These models are used to create the molds, that are used to press out a run of "First shots" or "Test shots". These test shots lack a date stamp until the production run begins.

Pictured above is a test shot of Major Bludd. The figure is unpainted and there is no date stamp.

Note that only the head, torso, and arms are depicted. Like many of Hasbro's later action figures, the 1994 Major Bludd re-used another existing mold for it's legs, so they're not pictured above.

Test shot from the collection of: Michael Taber
Catalog images provided by: Patrick Stewart

Other information provided by: Joe Kovacs

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