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Pictured above is a hand painted prototype Cobra as shown in the 1982 insert catalog. The figure has several notable differences when compared to the full production Cobra. While not easily noticed under the differently placed equipment on the chest, this figure does have a part of a red Cobra symbol in its design. Note that the rifle accessory is also different.

Additional Images:

The figure also appeared in a 1982 Hasbro product catalog. Click on the above image for a closer look.

The same figure was prominently featured in several television commercials.

Action figures usually start as "Hard Copies". These models are used to create the molds, that are used to press out a run of "First shots" or "Test shots". These test shots are done in many different colors and lack a date stamp until the production run begins.

Pictured above is an unpainted test shot of the 1982 straight-arm Cobra. There is no date stamp on the figure.

Pictured on the 1982 Collector's Display Case, the Cobra above has a handpainted Cobra symbol.

Test shot image courtesy of: Will Toomey
Other Images Courtesy of: Patrick Stewart

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