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Action Figure Archive Update!

Just completed, another giant addition to the Action Figure Archives!

Rise of Cobra Figures:

  • Aero-Viper (v2)
  • Rampage (v3)
  • Storm Shadow (v36)
  • Wild Bill (v15)
  • Two-Packs:
    (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

  • Copperhead (v7)
  • Gung Ho (v20)
  • Night Creeper (v12)
  • Shockblast (v3)
  • Vehicle Sets:
    (Target Exclusive)

  • Air-Viper (v5)
  • Storm Shadow (v35)
  • Wet-Suit (v11)
  • G.I. Joe Senior Ranking Officers:
    (Toys R Us Exclusive)

  • Grunt (v12)
  • Sgt. Stone (v2)
  • Speed Metal
  • Battle Stations:
    (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

  • Grand Slam (v7)
  • Hawk (v5)
  • M.A.R.S. Industries Trooper
  • Neo-Viper (v9)
  • Roadblock (v19)
  • Scrap-Iron (v8)
  • Tele-Viper (v8)
  • Tripwire (v6)
  • Ninja Battles:
    (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

  • Snake Eyes (v49)
  • Storm Shadow (v37)
  • Past and Present:
    (Target Exclusive)

  • Snow Job (v5)
  • Snow Job (v6)
  • 2009 Convention Exclusives:

  • Baroness (v15)
  • Blades
  • Crimson Twin (v1a)
  • Crimson Twin (v1b)
  • Sgt. Manleh
  • Sgt. Redmack
  • Sgt. Shimik
  • Sgt. Topson
  • Starduster (v3)
  • Viper (v25)
  • Yo Joe!

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