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August 2009

August 31: Andrew Wildman GI Joe Original Cover Art for Auction!!
August 26: Battle Action Force Coloring Project
August 23: IDW November Comic Solicitations
August 21: Main Comic Section Updated!! GI Joe #8, Origins #6, Helix, Hasbro Amazon, ROC - Gamestop, 2009 Joe Con & Canadian Joe Con.
August 16: YoJoe! Convention Coverage!
August 13: YoJoe Review: F.L.A.K. Cannon vs. C.L.A.W.!
August 13: G.I. Joe Convention Attendee Exclusives!
August 12: GI Joe autographed book contest on Suvudu.com!
August 12: New Era Cap Releases the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Cap Series!
August 12: YoJoe Review: Arctic H.I.S.S.!
August 12: Greg Horn at the G.I. Joe Convention!
August 12: Guess the GI Joe: Rise of Cobra Opening Box Office Weekend Contest Winner!
August 11: YoJoe Review: Cobra Stinger!
August 09: YoJoe! Hollywood Movie Premiere!!
August 05: YoJoe! Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - The Game!
August 03: DVD Review: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Season 1.1

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