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July 2009

July 31: The Yo Joe Rise of Cobra Movie Review!!

July 29: IDW GI Joe #7, Movie Adaptation SDCC Covers, Art Books & Movie books

July 24: SDCC 2009: Exclusive YoJoe Coverage!

July 21: Win a special screeing of G.I.Joe ROC in LA!

July 21: G.I. Joe Mission Briefing Planned for Comic-Con Attendees

July 17: Hasbro Q&A Answers!

July 17: Target Exclusive Vehicle Sets!

July 15: The Rise of Cobra is here!

July 15: Hasbro Announces Launch of Insight

July 15: IDW's Movie Adapatation #3, Best of Storm Shadow, Classic #4, Combat Heroes in the Comic Book Section. Collectibles: Updates in Magazines, Books: Essential Guide 1982-2008.

July 08: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

July 08: Main Comic Book Section: IDW Origins #5, Adaptation #2, Movie trades.

July 05: Sponsor News: MonkeyDepot.com

July 05: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

July 05: Sponsor News: PastGenerationToys.com

July 01: Main Comic Book Section -- IDW's Movie Adaptation #1 AND Collectibles section: Books.
International Comic Book Section: a massive update to the Mexico & Italy sections.

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