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May 2009

May 29: Sponsor News: PastGenerationToys.com

May 29: Street Fighter: The Movie Figures Updated!

May 28: G.I. Joe: Resolute Q&A Answers!

May 25: Remastered Vehicle Updates Go International!

May 25: Main Comic Book Section: Action Force Red Dawn -- PLUS -- IDW's Classic #3 & Best of Cobra Commander, Plus GI Joe Above & Beyond GIJoe movie prequel novelization.

May 22: Sponsor News: MonkeyDepot.com

May 21: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Box Art Revealed!

May 21: Sponsor News: PastGenerationToys.com

May 20: Main Comic Book Section: IDW GI Joe #5

May 16: Main Comic Book Section: IDW GI Joe Cobra #3 & Free Comic Book Day Book

May 15: Hasbro Q&A May 2009

May 11: YoJoe! Review: Storm Shadow (v31)!

May 09: Main Comic Book Section: IDW Prequel #3 & Best of Larry Hama

May 09: International Comic Book Section: New country Italy added. Updates in Chile, France, Mexico, Netherlands & Sweden.

May 08: Sponsor News: DollsAmerica.com

May 08: Sponsor News: PastGenerationToys.com

May 04: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

May 01: YoJoe! Review: B.A.T. (v20)!

May 01: Sponsor News: DollsAmerica.com

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