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G.I. Joe Wave 11 & 12 IN STOCK NOW...

Wave 11 & 12 In Stock NOW...

BriansToys.com has the latest new GI Joe action figures, vehicles, and collectibles including:

Wave 11 which includes Pilot Scarlett, M.A.S.K., Airborne, Eels, Zartan (Swamp Squad), and Cobra Flint.

Wave 12 includes Ripper, Storm Shadow with Gear, Cobra Driver, Cobra Trooper with Red Logo, Crimson Guard (Python Patrol, and Tripwire.

And for the fans who want to get every new GI Joe figure without the hassle, BriansToys.com now offers the GI Joe One of Each Figure Club that ensures that the die-hard fans gets one of every single-card figure released under the 25th Anniversary banner!

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