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New G.I. Joe Available NOW at MonsterIslandToys.com

Over 400 figures, vehicles, boxed sets and more HERE...

Fans of G.I. Joe can now order over 400 figures, vehicles, boxed sets, exclusives and more at Monster Island Toys!

Check out the amazing selection of the new G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures, vehicles, boxed sets, internet exclusives and more HERE and pick up your favorite figures - including new hard to find Wave 10 and Wave 10 - Revision 1 as well as other new vehicles, boxed sets, and more!

Other amazing collectibles available at Monster Island Toys, include...

* Dark Knight Figures and Collectibles - Hot Toys, Mattel, DC Direct and more!

* Godzilla Toys - cool collectibles based on your favorite Japanese monster and his beastly friends and enemies!

* Horror Figures and Collectibles - figures, statues, and more based on your favorite frighting films!

* Ultraman Toys - a wide variety of figures and toys based on this Japanese superhero...and his enemies!

* TV and Film Figures - Aliens, Predators, Terminators and more are ready to join your collection!

* Superhero Figures and Collectibles - Batman, Spawn, Marvel, Fantastic Four, Justice League, and more...

* Trading Cards - Magic the Gathering, Garbage Pail Kids, Batman and more...

* Halo Figures and Collectibles - McFarlane Toys new Halo 3 figures!

* Speed Racer - scaled replicas, die-cast, tracked vehicles and more...

* Transformers - film figures and collectibles sure to be "more than meets the eye!"

* Soul of Chokkin Figures - Mazinger, Robo Grendizer, Megatron, Zambot and more!

* 21st Century Toys - scaled military action figures, play sets and dioramas!

* Monty Python - plush and figures sure to make you laugh!

Be sure to also check out Godzilla and Monster DVDs, classic and modern monster films and TV series, and the Clearance Section, filled with super cool figures and collectibles at super cool prices!

For all of these and more, check out Monster Island Toys, home of your favorite monstrous collectibles!



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