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Gears of War Series 3, Joker ArtFX, new Transformers, new G.I. Joe and more...

BigBadToyStore.com has a wide variety of amazing action figures and collectibles available to preorder. In fact, some of the recent preorders include some of fandom's most anticipated collectibles, including...

* Gears of War Series 3 - New Marcus, "unnamed" COG Soldier, new Locust, and Palace Theron Guard

* Gears of War: Marcus vs. Locust - Chainsaw Duel - two pack with new Marcus and Locust with gapping chest wound! (below)

Other cool collectibles and figures available to preorder now include...

* Takara Encore: Black Megatron E-Hobby Exclusive with Orange Safety Plug Added

* Bowen Designs Ms. Marvel Retro 14.5" Statue

* DC Direct History of DCU - Series 1 - Set of 4

* DC Direct V for Vendetta 1/6 Scale Collector Figure

* Sideshow Predator Spear - 1:1 Replica

* WETA Halo 3 - Master Chief & Flood Statue

* FansProject Shadow Commander Trailer Set

* NECA Conan Pit Fighter - Version 2

* Takara MP-08 Materpiece Grimlock Transformers

* DST Marvel Select Wolverine and Variant "First Appearance" Wolverine Set

* DST Ultimate 1/4 Scale Commander Spock Figure

* DC Direct Uni-Formz Batman - Set of 3 with Armored & Classic Variants

* Square Enix Final Fantasy VII - Static Arts Sephiroth Statue

* Square Enix Kingdom Hearts Play Arts, Series 01 - Set of 3

* Koto Batman: The Dark Knight Joker 11" ArtFX Vinyl Statue

Cool new collectibles IN STOCK NOW include...

* Bandai Movie Realization Batman & Bat-Pod Set

* Hasbro G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary - Wave 10 - Case of 8

* Hasbro G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary - Wave 9 - Revision 1 - Case of 8 Figures

* TFCC Exclusive Seacon Box Set

* DC Direct Batman Black And White Statue (Derek Miller) - Gotham Knight

* Hasbro Marvel Legends Exclusive Age of Apocalypse Sunfire

* DST 12" Jack O'Neill Cloth Outfit Figure

* DC Direct Women of the DC Universe 2: Catwoman Bust

* Bowen Designs 12" Death Statue

* Revell Republic Star Destroyer Model Kit

* Koto Exclusive Red Halo 3 Spartan Soldier ARTFX Statue

* DST Marvel Select Incredible Hulk

* Hollywood Collectibles 1:35 T2 Hunter Killer Tank Maquette

* Hasbro G.I. Joe BBTS Shared Exclusive - COBRA Desert & Arctic Assault Squads Boxed Sets

For all of these and more, check out the biggest baddest toy store on the internet - BigBadToyStore.com!

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