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Star Wars, Dark Knight, Witchblade, Marvel, and more...

Statuetoys.com has a huge variety of new and exciting action figures, statues and busts from your favorite licenses including:

Available now from Bowen Designs is the Loki Statue. This 1/6 masterpiece was sculpted for Bowen Designs by the Kucharek Brothers and features the Norse God of Mischief in a memorable pose. Not a detail is spared: Loki has a wonderfully sullen look on his face and the "fur"throw on his thrown is a nice added touch. But making this piece even more remarkable is the interchangeable hand, which allows you to display Loki with either his spear or his chalice. Order this piece and you will be amazed at how good he looks with the rest of Bowen's take on the other Asgardians, including Thor and Odin.

Also available now from Kotobukiya is the Star Wars X-Wing 3D Cross-Section ARTFX Set. This is the inaugural piece in a series of vehicles from the Star Wars universe. It takes the concept of 3D illustrations and applies it to the realm of three dimensions. This first piece features the famed Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, otherwise known in non-Star Wars speak as the ship Luke used to destroy the Death Star. This piece comes in the popular 1/35 military scale and thus measures 12 2/3" long. It features cutaway parts that remove to reveal the inner workings of the ship and there are over 100 removable parts. You won't find this piece at a better price anywhere, and with this level of features it's bound to be in short supply. Order now!

Also available now from CS Moore is the Witchblade Bikini Armor Statue.This sexy, 1/6 piece features the legendary Top Cow character in that must-have accessory: the bikini armor. Fanboys everywhere drool over Moore's mastery of the female anatomy, and this statue is no exception. Moore's sculpts, from the exquisite sculpting to the final hand painted statue always command well-deserved attention. The edition size of this sculpt was based on pre-orders, so if you don't order now you'll likely to miss out. So get the latest and greatest Witchblade statue yet!

Finally, check out the upcoming Hot Toys 1:6 Batmobile Under special arrangement with Hong Kong toymaker Hot Toys, DC Direct is proud to offer this 1:6 scale replica of the Batmobile, just as it appears in the smash hit movie of the year, "The Dark Knight." This authentically detailed plastic model features light-up headlights, a cockpit/roof opening panel, and movable breaking flaps. Hot Toys is one of the hottest high-end toy producers right now, and for good reason. The likenesses on their figures are absolutely astounding, and their vehicles, such as the Batmobile and the Batpod, feature amazing detail. This Batmobile comes packaged in a 4-color box and measures an incredible 29" long x 18.5" wide x 11" high. Best of all, this piece is in perfect scale with the already solicited 1/6 scale Dark Knight figure from Hot Toys.

Other awesome collectibles from Statuetoys.com include:

* Kotobukiya Bounty Hunters Series:IG-88 Vinyl Model Kit

* Batman Black and White Statue, Gotham Knight

* Barbarian Fantasy Dagger - Nickel

* Justice League Animated Superman Wall Plaque

* Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trade Paperback

* Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Maquette

* Frankenstein, Jr. 12 inch Bobble Bank

* Bowen Designs Lockjaw Mini Bust

* Imps and Monsters Sasquatch T-Shirt,XXL

* Alex Ross New Captain America Poster

* Ame Comi Supergirl PVC Figure

* Rock Iconz KK Downing Statue

You can find all these great collectibles and more at Statuetoys.com!



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