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New and Vintage Star Wars toys and collectibles galore...

BriansToys.com has an amazing selection of new and vintage Star Wars action figures and collectibles sure to excite fans of all ages. Visit their eBay page HERE to find an assortment of items including:

* Top Toys Stormtrooper ROTJ AFA 80

* ROTJ B-Wing Pilot 77 Back-A AFA 80Y

* Yoda Lightsaber (ROTS)

* CW Clone Trooper Senate Security AFA U9.5

* Legacy Bane Malar AFA U9.0

* Celebration II Commander Jorg Sacul Pilot

* SW Walrus Man 21 Back-A AFA 75

* POTF Jawa 92 Back AFA 90Y

* POTF Amanaman 92 Back AFA 80Y

* POTF C-3PO (W/Removable Limbs) 92 Back AFA 80Y

Be sure to also check out the great selection of figures and collectibles based on your favorite new and classic lines like...

* Star Wars - 30th Anniversary, 2008 Collection, Vintage, Saga and More...

* G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary, ARAH, Valor vs. Venom, Sigma 6, Collector's Editions and More...

* Transformers - Generation 1, Movie, Animated, Classics, Cybertron and More...

* Masters of the Universe - Statues, Commemorative, Snake-Men, Vintage and More...

* Lord of the Rings - Fellowship, Two Towers, Return of the King, statues, busts and more...

* Indiana Jones - Gentle Giant, Hasbro, Sideshow and more...

* Ghostbusters - Cult Classics, vintage and more...

* Thundercats - vintage fan-favorites!

* Silver Hawks - more classic cartoon figures!

* Secret Wars - classic Marvel figures!

All of these and more available NOW to order at BriansToys.com!

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