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INTERVIEW: Silent Enclision writer/director Rene Perez

Musician, writer, and director talks G.I. Joe, movies and more...

Following our recent review of the film Silent Enclision, we sat down with Rene Perez, the musician, writer and director responsible for the film. iDiC Entertainment recently brought to life one of fandom's favorite childhood memories in the recently reviewed live-action film Silent Enclision.

We recently chatted with Perez to get the full scoop on his 30-minute silent film as well as his inspiration for his films, whose characters have an obvious resemblance to our favorite Real American Heroes...

YoJoe.com: What inspired you to make Silent Enclision and what's the significance of the title?

Rene Perez (RP): Artistically, I was inspired by the comic books of my youth; but mainly, I had just finished making two direct to DVD movies for a distribution company and got a bad deal so I wanted to do something independently. I'm mainly a musician and my band's music does pretty well online on iTunes, so I thought I'd try selling a movie online too.

As for the title, silent because the movie has no spoken words; everything is told by action, and enclision just sounds cool. I'm not sure where I heard that word - probably Star wars, but enclision sounds like collision and excision crunched into one word. I did wonder if using a made up word would be cool or uncool but then I just forgot about it and used it...

YoJoe.com: Where was the film made, who wrote the script and what's the goal of the film?

RP: The movie was filmed in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic). I live there now with my wife and daughter. I wrote the script with a friend of mine (and) the goal was to tell a story with only action, allowing every answer to ead to another mystery...

Silent Enclision is only the first chapter of a bigger story. The goal of the entire story is to show how warriors/ soldiers, even in the pursuit of right, can become machine-like and lose their humanity even if they don't want to.

YoJoe.com: You're obviously a fan of G.I. Joe. Who's your favorite character and why?

RP: As a child I was a fan of the toys and the comic books but never the cartoon. Now I'm more a fan of what G.I. Joe could be, rather than what it has been. GI Joe could be so cool...could be.

My favorite characters are Zartan and FireFly. I can't choose just one. Zartan is cool because he's a master of disguise. If I was in charge of making the comics, TV shows or movies, I'd make Zartan suffer from multiple personality disorder and have him addicted to heroin...and I think FireFly would be great as an anarchist. As I said, I like the idea of what these characters could be...

YoJoe.com: What do you think is the most import element of making a film and film making?

RP: The concept of the story is huge for me. Most stories are the same thing and I like to have an element of something new. So yeah, I'd have to say (story) concept... and music.

Being a musician probably makes my interest go towards the music score more than most other directors. When I'm able to write the perfect piece of music to the perfect piece of footage it's like heaven. In fact, your question just made me realize most of my favorite movies all have really good soundtracks and maybe that's why they're my favorites...

When I play a concert with the band, there's an electric-like energy we share with the crowed. There's no name for it, and there is no way to explain it to people who haven't felt it. But if I could make people feel that electricity with my movies...the way I do with my music...then that would be the most important thing to me...

YoJoe.com: What's next? What else can fans look forward to from iDiC?

RP: iDiC is actually the name of my band. We have a new album out called Technotashia which includes some of the songs from Silent Enclision. The comic book sequel to Silent Enclision - entitled Bring the Pain - is available online now.

I'm writing a new futuristic fairy tale type comic book (and) my next movie release, called War Machine features the same ninja character from Silent Enclision. As soon as I find a producer with funds, I'll start filming again. I'm hoping to do one of my action/ horror scripts next...

For more information on Rene Perez and iDiC Entertainment, click HERE.

Thanks to Rene Perez for taking the time to answer our questions!

- Jess C. Horsley

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