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Order the Life-sized Boba Fett you've always wanted today...

BriansToys.com has an enormous selection of new and vintage action figures and collectibles available to order now, including...

* Cobra Arctic Assault Squad

* Cobra Desert Assault Squad

* Weequay AFA 85 Freeze Frame

* Legacy Carded Wave 3 (Set of 6)

* Rebel Transport (ESB - Blue Box) AFA 70

* GI Joe Wave 10 (Set of 6)

* GI Joe Duke (Tiger Force)

* GI Joe Cobra Bazooka Trooper

* Indiana Jones Mini Bust

* Life-Size Boba Fett #028

Like your Star Wars figures sealed and graded?
BriansToys.com has a huge selection of modern AFA graded collectibles which you can check out HERE!

Be sure to visit the Vintage Carded Section for a great selection of ungraded carded Star Wars figures!

And for even more figures and collectibles based on your favorite new and old lines alike, check out BriansToys.com's selection of...

* Star Wars - 30th Anniversary, 2008 Collection, Vintage, Saga and More...

* G.I. Joe - 25th Anniversary, ARAH, Valor vs. Venom, Sigma 6, Collector's Editions and More...

* Transformers - Generation 1, Movie, Animated, Classics, Cybertron and More...

* Masters of the Universe - Statues, Commemorative, Snake-Men, Vintage and More...

* Lord of the Rings - Fellowship, Two Towers, Return of the King, statues, busts and more...

* Indiana Jones - Gentle Giant, Hasbro, Sideshow and more...

* Ghostbusters - Cult Classics, vintage and more...

* Thundercats - vintage fan-favorites!

* Silver Hawks - more classic cartoon figures!

* Secret Wars - classic Marvel figures!

All of these and more available NOW to order at BriansToys.com!

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