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FILM REVIEW: Silent Enclision

New iDiC silent film available NOW...

You've no doubt seen the banner ads promoting iDiC Entertainment's latest short film, Silent Enclision. The latest film from musician and writer/director Rene Perez, the story - which includes plenty of gunplay, swordplay, and martial arts - tells a seemingly simple story in a new and unique way: without words. While more fan-film than big budget blockbuster, the film has merit and deserves a look for those who can't wait to see next year's official box office extravaganza G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

The premise of the film is fairly simple: a black-clad sword-wielding commando must fight his way through armed troops holding an attractive woman and young girl hostage in order to accomplish his mission. Though the storyline isn't the most original I've seen, the way in which it is told - through actions and with no words ( none, zero, zilch!) - is very well done and the characters' intentions, desires, and goals are never confusing or misunderstood.

While Perez (who's previous and upcoming work and music can be previewed HERE) does a decent job of pacing the film through the actions of the nameless warrior, who viewers will instantly realize means business, the standout feature of the film is the beautiful setting. Filmed entirely on location in the Dominican Republic, the gorgeous landscape and impressive buildings and architecture give the film a better look and higher production value than many films of this type. Likewise, the use of a varied soundtrack - which at times includes soft and at other times heavy metal music - helps pace the story and give the viewer a sense of ease or urgency.

Something which impressed me personally was the intentional (or maybe unintentional) use of masks during the film. Of the multiple characters seen in the film, only two - the young woman and child hostages - are ever shown without a mask. The use of the mask instantly gives viewers a sense of disconnect with the main character as well as the faceless soldiers he kills while also instantly attaching us to the two hostages, making us feel for them.

While the film features no foul language (remember, it doesn't feature ANY words!), it does feature violence, bloodshed and nudity. That said, it's intended for adult audiences over 18 years of age only.

While many fan-made films are provided free of charge online, a minimal cost of $1.99 is required to download Silent Enclision. Considering the production value and on-going storyline, $1.99 is a decent price, though some fans may scoff at the cost and refuse to download it.

For those fans who do and those who enjoy it, be sure to also check out the sequel to the film, a downloadable graphic novel entitled Bring the Pain. Like the film, the 47-page graphic novel features nudity and violence as well as graphic descriptions not intended for minors.

Considering Silent Enclision's main character is based on the fan-favorite Snake Eyes and the film features a production value rarely seen in 30-minute fan-made films of this type, die-hard fans of G.I. Joe may want to give it a try. While the $1.99 price tag may seem high for a fan-film, considering the on-going storyline, action, and original storytelling technique, the $1.99 price isn't completely unwarranted.

Check out the trailer for the film below and download the movie HERE.

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