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Hasbro Round 3 Q&A Answers

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YoJoe presents our latest Hasbro Q&A! So without further delay, here are your questions.

1. The Rattler and Conquest X-30 were both retooled for Sound-Attack exclusives in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Have those tooling changes been corrected and if so, have there been engineering improvements such as re-enforcing the fragile landing gear assembly on the Rattler, or the canopy tabs on the Conquest?

Hasbro: The new Conquest and Rattler will be on shelf within weeks and you will be able to see for yourself…but yes we have improved the landing gear and canopy.

2. With Sgt. Slaughter making appearances at the 2006 GI Joe convention and at the Hasbro booth at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con, there has been renewed interest in seeing him once again take action figure form. With a club exclusive figure in 2006, a special card for the paying deck from 2007, and even a Hasbro-produced custom figure shown last year, it seems interest exists over at Hasbro, too. What are the chances we could get another Sgt. Slaughter figure?

Hasbro: Right now there are no plans for a Sgt. Slaughter figure because his rights are held by the WWE. We continue to be big fans and supporters of the Sarge!

3. First of all, you cannot imagine our excitement at YoJoe after seeing the new "Pilot Scarlett" figure, and the homage she gives to the Argentina Exclusive Glenda figure. Does Pilot Scarlett have a chrome or silver suit under her flight vest and will her hair remain red as shown on the prototype or a more Argentina accurate blonde?

Hasbro: Pilot Scarlett will be a redhead as it is a tribute to Glenda, not a replica.

4. We know that you usually cannot talk about various things like exclusives, boxed sets, etc, but we're dying here — figures for Tele-Viper, Crimson Guard, Viper, Cobra Trooper, Cobra Officer and Copperhead already exist — looking deep into your Hasbro Brand Magic 8 Ball, what's the potential for a Python Patrol set? (c'mon, we are getting Tiger Force Duke and Flint, and Python Patrol Officer, don't leave us hanging!)

Hasbro: There are no plans for this right now, but have you seen the Extreme Conditions packs?

5. We just got our hands on the first assortment of DVD boxed sets here at YoJoe, and wow — spectacular! So, once we have completed our M.A.S.S. device, is there a second assortment like this scheduled for the future, or was this a one (or perhaps five?) time deal?

Hasbro: There is no second assortment in the works for the DVD packs. We wanted to pay special attention to the mini-series from the 80's.

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