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May 2008

May 31: YoJoe preview Comic-Con Cobra Commander

May 30: YoJoe preview wave 4, 2008 preview

May 30: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

May 30: Sideshow Toys releases Snake Eyes Teaser Pic!

May 30: YoJoe! Review: Cobra Viper (v16)!

May 30: Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore.com

May 30: Sponsor News: ToyWiz.com

May 29: Press Release: G.I.Joe Comic License

May 28: Sponsor News: ToyRocket.com

May 28: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

May 28: Sponsor News: BriansToys.com

May 28: G.I. Joe Trading Card Game lives on with the fans

May 27: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

May 27: Sponsor New: BigBadToyStore.com

May 23: JoeCanuck Newsletter Issue #5 Online

May 19: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

May 19: JoeCon 2008, preview of Headhunter Battle Android Trooper!

May 19: Sponsor News: Monster Island Toys

May 19: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

May 19: Sponsor News: Premier Collectible Auctions

May 17: JoeCon 2008, preview of Headhunter BAT File Card!

May 16: Sponsor News: TShirtGurus.com

May 16: SDCC Exclusive: G.I.Joe Combat Heroes!

May 16: YoJoe! Giveaway: 2007 SDCC Destro!

May 15: YoJoe! Exclusive: Battle Rangers Shipwreck!

May 15: Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore.com

May 14: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

May 14: Sponsor News: ToyRocket.com

May 14: Sponsor News: MayBang.com

May 14: Archives: Double-sized vehicle update!

May 13: JoeCon 2008, preview of Headhunter Stormtrooper File Card!

May 12: JoeCon 2008, preview of Headhunter Guard File Card!

May 12: Sponsor News: TShirtGurus.com

May 12: Sponsor News: BriansToys.com

May 12: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

May 9: JoeCon '08, preview of Gristle's fc!

May 8: Sponsor News: MayBang.com

May 8: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

May 8 Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

May 7: New images from the upcoming live action film!
    General Hawk
    Heavy Duty
    Storm Shadow

May 7: San Diego Comicon Exclusive premiered!

May 6: G.I. Joe Doc reviewed and added to the archives!

May 6: JoeCon 2008 - Headhunter Stormtrooper revealed!

May 6: Sponsor News: BriansToys.com

May 6: Sponsor News: ToyRocket.com

May 6: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

May 5: Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore.com

May 2: YoJoe! preview: HISS and Vamp boxed images!

May 2: YoJoe! preview: Upcoming vehicle two-packs!

May 2: YoJoe! preview: New Logos on single figure cards!

May 2: YoJoe! preview: Upcoming comic packs!

May 2: Sponsor News: MayBang.com

May 2: Sponsor News: TShirtGurus.com

May 1: JoeCon 2008 - Box art posted!

May 1: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

May 1: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

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