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G.I.Joe Q & A: April

The answers to your questions from Hasbro!

Assuming production on movie figures has already begun for 2009, what does that mean for the budget and resources for Anniversary figures for the next 12 months?

You will not be disappointed with the remainder of the anniversary line. The GI Joe team at Hasbro is getting bigger and stronger.

Recent pictures on eBay have revealed that in some cases the 25th Anniversary Logo has been replaced by a "Comic" or "Cartoon" logo on the single packs. Can we anticipate more figures being drawn directly from one continuity or another going forward?

This was our solution to removing the 25th logo after a full year of celebration. We are using the [top right] corner to call out the inspiration for the figures.

Rumors are abound everywhere about the Comic. Can we expect a date for an official annoucment on the comic's status?

Any day now a press release is coming.

Regardless of which company gets the license for the G.I. Joe comic book, what influence does Hasbro have over whether or not they keep the existing 25 years of continuity or start fresh with a new story?

Hasbro has a lot of influence and will put a lot of time and thought into the direction of the comic.

I'm sure you're getting tired of being asked this, but considering " Scarface " got a release in a recent comic pack, what are the chances of getting Dr. Venom, Billy, or Kwinn? If they're not on the release schedule, why not, since demand is pretty high?\

Sorry, none of the three are on " the list "

Our thanks to Hasbro G.I.Joe brand team, Hunter PR and to everyone who submitted questions on the YoJoe! Forums.

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