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StatueToys.com has a wide variety of cool new collectibles on sale now, including...

Available now from Kotobukiya is the Emperorís Royal Guard ARTFX Statue. In the Star Wars universe, the mysterious crimson warriors are the personal bodyguards and protectors of the Emperor. Culled from the ranks of the highest qualified and most loyal of the Imperial Army, the intimidating Guardsmen are truly the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.Standing at almost 12 inches tall, the normally stoic Royal Guard is poised with Force Pike in hand - ready to defend the Emperor at all costs. The Royal Guard's robes and sleek helmet have been reproduced in exacting detail, utilizing reference materials from Lucasfilm's archives, and the openings created by the flowing cloak reveals many details of the uniform not normally seen in any of the films. This dynamic sculpt features excellent detail, as demonstrated by the different shades of crimson that are utilized. And this 1/7 scale vinyl sculpt assembles easily in minutes.

Also available now is the 300 Spartan Shield. Museum Replicas has done it again: they've created an astounding prop replica that pays true homage to the source material. In this instance, artisans from Museum Replicas utilized both the artwork from the graphic novel as well as input from Frank Miller himself to create this beautiful prop replica. The shield is made from steel that is then plated with antiqued brass. It is also fully lined on the inside and features dual hand holds. By the way, historians credit the implementation of these dual hand holds asone of the reasons for the tactical superiority of the ancient Spartans. Previously, shields such as these utilized only one handle and did not afford the kind of stability and mobility permitted by the addition of a second handle. The Spartan shield measures a full 36" across and weighs about 17.5 pounds.

Available now from Factory X is the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Sword Replica. Finally, a replica that collectors will lose their head over. From the memorable Tim Burton film comes this beautiful prop replica. This sword,wielded by the Headless Horseman, lopped off its fair share of (prop) heads. True to the original sword used in the film, it features a serpentine hilt and measures over 3 1/2 feet long. It's made of stainless steel and other materials and comes ready to be displayed via a mountable graphic wall plaque.

Also available now from Museum Replicas is the Cyclops Visor. This collectible has been expertly reproduced from the original prop currently housed in the 20th Century Fox archives.This visor is fully wearable and come with a cool red lens, which is normally used to control Cyclops powerful laser blast. The visor also comes with a metal case bearing an embossed X-Men logo and Cyclops's name laser etched on the lid. The box lid interior contains a detailed schematic of the Cyclops visor, explaining all the cool stuff the visor is capable of. Of course, this lovely piece comes witha full color Certificate of Authenticity.

Also available at StatueToys.com...

* Giger's Alien Autographed Miniature Bust

* Batman Black and White Statue, Frank Miller

* Crusader's Shield

* Classic Peanuts Character #8: Marcie Statue

* Lord of the Rings Balrog Mini Bust

* Power Girl 13 inch Collector Figure

* Star Trek Communicator with Sound Effects

* Bowen Designs AIM Agent Mini Bust Twin Pack

* G.R.O. Skull Man Polyresin Statue(Limited Edition Color Version)

* Star Wars Animated Emperor Palpatine Maquette

* Tandem Twin Animal Girls Lynx Ruby Redux Figure

* Art of Shunya Yamashita Noel Fine Art Bust

For all of these and more great statues, action figures, mini-busts, shields, swords and more - check out StatueToys.com!



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