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New G.I. Joe, 21st Century Toys, Elite Force, and more...

SmallJoes.com has an amazing variety of scale military action figures and collectibles, including...

G.I. Joe
Wave 3 of the comic 2-packs are now in stock! This assortment features Ace/Wild Weasel, Crimson Guard "Fred"/Cobra Officer "Scarface", Tomax/Xamot, and battle damaged Snake-Eyes/Storm Shadow. Also restocked are the Dreadnok Torch/Ripper and Destro/Breaker sets!

Likewise, fans can find new G.I. Joe: America's Elite comic issue #32. Be sure not to miss this huge 12-issue story arc as Cobra comes as close as ever to realizing their goal of world domination!

Be sure to also check out the great selection of GI JOE t-shirts and hats as well!

A lot of new product has been added recently. On the 1:18 scale side, wehave the German Me-262 - Nightfighter version and also several new pieces of U.S. and German armor in new color schemes.

Click HERE and HERE for photos and ordering information!

Many new 1:32 scale items added to the site, notably, all new German armor including Panzer 38(t), Sd.Kfz. 139 Marder III, Sd.Kfz. 138 Marder III, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer. Also, the Jagdtiger, Long Tom cannon, M115 8" Howitzer, and Sherman Firefly Vc all in new color schemes.

Click HERE for photos and ordering information!

Also, some new 1:32 scale aircraft - new color schemes for the P-47 and Focke-Wulf and two new Dogfight dual-packs.

Click HERE for photos and ordering information!

Lastly, a "straggler" 1:18 scale Vietnam figure came in. This makes the fifth figure for the new Vietnam single-carded figure assortment. Those of you who previously purchased these figures from us as a set of four are entitled to purchase the fifth figure at the set price.

Contact customer service for details and check HERE for photos and ordering information!

The 1:18 scale F-16 has been restocked and the 1:18 scale poly-bagged (no accessories) pilot figure will soon be listed - watch for it soon!

Click HERE for photos and ordering information.


Once again, a chance to get some SOLD OUT and hard-to-find GI JOE Convention'07 exclusive figures, including...

* Rowdy Roddy Piper carded figure

* Jet Pack Troopers 2-pack

For all of these and more amazing scaled military and G.I. Joe figures, comics, collectibles, and apparel, check out SmallJoes.com!

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