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March 2008

March 31: New Remastered Vehicle Additions!

March 28: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

March 26: Details Revealed on the 2008 Convention Figures!

March 25: Yahoo! Movie Blog Reveals Film Details!

March 25: Sponsor New: BriansToys.com

March 24: Sponsor New: 80sTees.com

March 24: Sponsor New: StatueToys.com

March 24: Sponsor New: ToyRocket.com

March 21: Figure Archive: New Single, TRU Pack figures added!

March 21: Sponsor New: BigBadToyStore.com

March 20: The first official images of Ray Park as Snake Eyes revealed!

March 20: New Remastered Vehicles!

March 19: New images from the Duke vs Red Star comic pack!

March 19: Sponsor New: ToyWiz.com

March 18: Sponsor New: StatueToys.com

March 17: Canadian JoeMeet "Snowbank" has filecard by Hama

March 17: Sponsor New: Maybang.com

March 17: Sponsor New: TshirtGurus.com

March 14: Sponsor New: BigBadToyStore.com

March 14: Sponsor News: ToyRocket.com

March 14: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

March 12: 2008 Canadian 80s Toy Expo March 16

March 10: 4th Annual Great Texas G.I. Joe Show March 15 & 16

March 10: JoeCanuck.com Newsletter Issue #3 online

March 10: Sponsor New: StatueToys.com

March 7: Sponsor News: ToyRocket.com

March 7: Sponsor News: TshirtGurus.com

March 7: Sponsor News: BriansToys.com

March 7: Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore.com

March 6: America's Elite Cover Sneak Peeks!

March 4: Sponsor News: SmallJoes.com

March 4: Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore.com

March 3: Plot details revealed for the G.I. Joe Movie!

March 3: Sponsor News: 80sTees.com

March 3: Sponsor News: StatueToys.com

March 1: Remastered Vehicles Update!

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