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Special Annoucement: Hasbro Q&A Answers!

G.I.Joe Q&A Answers posted

Here are YoJoe!'s questions - keep checking for more news. The excitement is just beginning!

1 - As the Anniversary line takes off, what are the chances of seeing some sub-teams included, like Tiger Force, Night Force, and Python Patrol (just to name a few)?

The Anniversary line was purposefully created as the best of the best. The goal is to create the ultimate expression for our existing fans and to welcome back fans that haven't interacted with the brand since the 80s. That being said, once we have built up the fanbase, the sky's the limit...

2 - Can we expect any store exclusives of Anniversary product?

There are no store exclusives planned for this fall.

3 - We've all heard about the COBRA Battle Pack #2...can we expect any more COBRA Army Builder packs to be released in the future?

We recognize that army building is an important aspect of G.I. Joe collecting and always look for opportunities to provide troop builders. After all, Cobra Commander has been amassing his army for 25 years. It has to be pretty large at this point!

4 - Any chances of seeing some anniversary style product using Devils' Due designs, like Wraith, Zanya, or Overlord?

Anything is possible. This line is a tribute to 25 years and our designers have pulled from all aspects of the brand for inspiration. That being said, once we have built up the fanbase, the sky's the limit...

5 - In the past, trademark and copywright issues prevented us from getting some figures based on their codenames (like Flash, Sabretooth, etc...). Can we assume you will be using creative codenames (like Anthony "Flash" Gambello) to ensure that we have more options for characters going forward?

While there are some legal restrictions re: vintage names we will continue to offer the best characters from the past 25 years.

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