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November 2005

November 28: Sigma Six Ninja BAT and Tunnel Rat, Snake Eyes: Declassified #4, Wave 4 DTC comic packs and DTC Viper Lock Down

November 23: Sponsor News: SMALLJOES.COM

November 17: Sponsor News: Guru-Planet.com

November 15: Sponsor News: TJ's Toys

November 14: G.I.Joe Special Missions: Manhattan Confirmed, Comic Archive Updated, More Costumes

November 8: Press Release: First 4 Figures: G.I. Joe - Storm Shadow 1:4 Bust

November 7: First4Figures Reveals Storm Shadow Bust, G.I.Joe: Manhattan Comic Rumored, Vehicle Updates, Baroness Costume

November 6: COBRA Ninja Hovercycle, Comics Archive Updated, First4Figures Sneak Peek

November 5: Press Release: DDP Ups the Ante for G.I.JOE SIGMA 6

November 5: R.H.I.N.O. with Cannonball Archived

November 4: Sponsor News: SMALLJOES.COM Newsletter

November 2: Snake Eyes Costume, Cobra Commander Gun Replica, TCG Fan Expansion

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